MT1 District Lightning Policy

  1. League Officials assigned to attend and monitor Little League games the League is hosting are responsible to correctly monitor lightning detectors or time the flash-to-bang period to enable the umpires to timely and properly suspend games due to lightning.
  2. Managers and coaches are responsible to ensure players on their teams adhere to the District lightning policy during lightning delays during the game.
  3. If lightning detectors are used, a detected strike within 6 miles should trigger the umpire suspending play.  Many lightning detectors at use within the District range at 8 miles and 3 miles.  Any detected strike within that range should trigger the umpire suspending play.  If no lightning detector is available at the game location the League Official should time the flash-to-bang period.  A thirty (30) second flash-to bang time period indicates a strike at 6 miles.  Any timed flash-to-bang period less than thirty (30) seconds should trigger the umpire suspending play.
  4. During a lightning delay:
  1. WHAT TO DO:
  1. The lightning delay should NOT be lifted until THIRTY (30) MINUTES after the LAST flash or bang is observed.
  2. Do not leave facility until directed; wait at designated location(s) at field until the game is postponed or cancelled

Make sure all players are accounted for and leaving with approved person(s)