(Pending Approval)

Special Meeting January 7, 2011

The Special Commissioners Meeting was called to order at 10:35 AM by Commissioner Fees, Chairman.

Present:  Commissioners Fees, Dugan & Nicolls, Fire Chief Stamper, Mechanical Engineer Francis, and Secretary Pellett.

Old Business

  1. The budget for the year 2011 was analyzed and discussed at length.  Also discussed was the method of tracking and reporting monthly expenditures.  The total operating working budget for the year will be $137,862.50.  By unanimous vote the fire chief, chief medical officer, secretary and mechanical engineer will receive a 2% raise for the year 2011.  The secretary will have the resolution prepared for the next regular meeting.
  2. Discussion ensued regarding disposal of the old tanker.  There has been one person interested and is probably will to paying same price as the wrecking yard.  This option will be looked into further.
  3. Shooter policy.  Chief Stamper advised someone else was to work on writing a policy regarding a shooter.  He will check on where he is in the process and will see that it gets done.
  4. Discussion took place regarding FEMA Grants.  It was determined the next grant application should be for more SCBA paks.  Using the upcoming ferry outage can be shown as justification.  Mike will write the grant

There was a question of where families should put of list of their meds for fire/medical personnel to find when responding to an emergency.  The refrigerator is an excellent place for notification, however, the freezer isn’t an ideal location.  Chief Stamper will talk with CERT leaders to see if some type of uniform pouch or method of posting meds on refrigerators can be done.  Some of the current new refrigerators are stainless steel and magnets to not work.  We were reminded that this posting should also include any cataract surgery with card #.  If not taking any meds, that should be listed also.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 AM

Next Regular Meeting January 11, 2011 at 7:30 PM Fire Hall.

Carol Pellett, Secretary


Commissioner Jack Fees, Chairman