To the class

And Throw it, see he didn’t catch it, no points. If he catches it it’s one point. We are going to keep doing it for a little while just to get us warmed up.



To Emily

You both are on the same team so its going to one point each time you catch it.

To the Class

Spread out across the wall

Make sure you actually jump when you through the ball

Good. Good catch. Alright everybody stop. Roll the balls over here and come over to me. Roll them over. Ok guys spread out in a straight line facing me. Just spread out so you have room. Spread out more. Actually make two lines. So uh Emily spread down. Alright good morning guys I’m Mr. Torres if you remember. And today we are going to talk about touckeball. Spread down more. Alright the first thing I want to talk about is the rules. Alright the signal for attention is going to be my voice. So anytime you here my voice I want you to stop look and listen. Second rule stay up when you are playing this game. I don’t want you diving I want everyone safe today. Third rules keep your hands and the balls to yourself. So I don’t want to see any pushing or throwing balls at each other. Fourth rule respect, Respect yourself, respect each other, and most importantly respect me. Ok and fifth rule have fun. Like I said today we are going to do toukeball um touckeball was invented by a switz doctor. Anybody no while we can tackle in the NFL with the helmet, helmet to helmet contact.



To the class

Good can cause injuries. Now this switz doctor a couple decades ago thought the same thing. He didn’t want to see any injury prone sports want to see anymore so he invented toukeball.  Alright now one of the most important parts of touckeball is reaction. So that’s what we are going to focus on today is reaction. So one way to be in a good reaction stance is being in a good athletic stance. So first cue is knees bent so everyone bend your knees. Second hands up so if you’re getting the pass you can catch the ball react, react. Alright third I want your eyes to focus on the people around you and focused on who has the ball. If you don’t see the ball coming you can get hurt. So if you see the ball coming react, hands up. So can everyone get in an athletic stance for me. Knees bent, hands up, eyes focused. First activity I want to do, everybody remember who their partner was?


I didn’t have a partner. I didn’t have a partner either.

To the students

So you two will be partners. Stay right there. Rob. Stay in your stop. First activity we are going to do Connor can you come over here. You are going to take two different colored balls. Alright when I say both partners are going to be facing the same way. Alright so when Connor say go I’m going to turn and he’s going to throw an underhand pass and I’m going to name the color the ball is…

To Eric

Can you stop bouncing the ball please. Thank you. Can you put the ball down, can you roll it over.

To the class

So when I turn around I’m going to say red catch it alright. Now if that is to simple you can get closer. Everybody understand? So who says go? Anybody know. The partner with the ball. Alright. So one partner come over to get the ball. Two different colored balls. Hustle, Hustle. Spread out so you don’t hit anybody.

To Greg

Now make sure you hope back. You want to be in an Athletic stance. Good

A Group

I’ll tell you when to switch.

To Class

Alright stop. Alright now we are going to switch partners. So now person who was throwing to first time is going to catch and vise versa. Nice job. Alright guys stop now we are going to break up into two teams or four teams. Cody remember rule balls to yourself. So we are going to break up into four teams.  I want four pinnies on this side and four people with no pinnies alright hustle up, hustle up we don’t have much time. Four pinnies over here and four people with no pinnies. We are going to play a little four on four game.  Guys listen up stop throwing the balls. Remember you guys are throwing the ball behind the green line and another partner needs to catch the ball to try to score. No pinnies start with the ball go.

You are going to bounce off the wall. Guys put the balls done. You are going to catch the ball off the wall and try to score. Alright guys stop bring it in. Alright guys next time we will have more time to go over the rules of the game so we can get through it. Alright so anybody can tell me one thing about the athletic stance. Good Why do we want to be in an athletic stand. Alright touckeball on three. One two three TOUCKEBALL!!!!