(To the whole class)

So, my name is Mr. Jones and you guys had me last week. So I’m thinking yesterday what can we do to learn how to create space when playing football. Right? Get as much room from your opponent as you can so you can make an effective catch.

So I’m driving down from Syracuse, where I live, and what’s in between Syracuse and Cortland?

(From Stephen)


(To the whole class)

Farms, well yes farms. Lots of farms.

What do farms have other than crops?

(Whole Class)


(To the whole class)

Cows…lots of them. Fantastic smelling cows.

What else do the farms out there have?



(To the whole class)

I saw one walking across the road today. It was a turkey. Lots of turkeys. Lots of cows. And lots of chickens. But I kind of like pigs. Why? I love bacon, big bacon man. Organic though. Gotta be organic.

So I saw the farmer out there feeding them this morning. It was Choas. We had  cows, turkeys, pigs on the back of the cows. Crazieness, right? But when they really wanted their food they were able to break away from the pack, and get their food, right.

So, these three right here, you guys are gonna be my cows. You’re gonna be mooing like crazy, so the farmer knows where you are and he can get that food to you.

Right here, you three, you’re my turkeys. You know what a turkey says? They go GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE.! I want to hear that as loud as I can. So that way I know where you are, and I can get you your food.

So what is that gonna leave you three? Right, my pigs. I need some oinks , right? Loud, enthusiastic OINK, OINK, OINK, OINK, OINK! Because you can’t really snort that loud.

SO we have our mooing cows, our gobbling turkeys, and our oinking pigs right.

So we are everyone in the courtyard together. We’re all hanging out.

(To Cody)



Will you show us how to do a turkey again.

(To the whole class)

Turkeys, you’re going to walk around GOBBLE, GOBBLE, GOBBLE. You gotta be loud so I know where you’re at, so I can get you your food right?

Alright, so everyone mingle around and when I call out your animal name you need to be as loud as you can, so I know where you are. And you’re gonna get space so I can pass your food to you, alright.

Alright, mingle in animals. Be a big animal group.

(Entire class)

Loud animal sounds.

(To the whole class)

Where are my pigs!? Where are my pigs!?



(To the whole class)

Now, Now, other animals you guys want to get that food too because everyone’s hungry in the morning right? We all want that breakfast, We all want that good nutritional thing to kick start our day. So everyone needs to be trying to, almost play defense against the other animal to get that food.

So like right now if I call out my turkeys; Where are my turkeys at?

Create space! Cerate Space!

Alright, alright, alright, bring it back in Bring it back in, everyone’s in here.

Alright, so now what are we doing to try and get space? We are trying to lead our opponent to think we’re going this way, we’re gonna cut back this way. Remember, we gotta keep it safe though, so your looking before you’re cutting. You’re not taking someone out.

So we are all mingling again. right

Where are my cows at? Where’s my cows.



(To the whole class)

You gotta get moving cows, you gotta get moving.

Alright, now it’s the turkey’s time. Where are the turkeys at again?


Gobble Gobble Gobble

(To Shane)

There you go

(To the whole class)

Alright alright. Bring it on in. Fantastic Job! You guys did a great job. And next week we’re gonna work on making sure we have good technique when we’re doing our catches.

So lets bring it in, and I want everyone to do your animal noises as loud as you can. We gotta blow the roof off this barn!