Reading Roald Dahl’s “Lamb to the Slaughter”

Curriculum goals:

• use a wide selection of digital and other aids independently, including monolingual dictionaries

• master a wide vocabulary

• extract essential information from spoken and written texts and discuss the author's attitudes and point of view

• express himself/herself in writing and orally with subtleness, proper register, fluency, precision and coherence

• select appropriate listening, speaking, reading and writing strategies adapted to the purpose, situation and genre

• take initiatives to start, finish and keep a conversation going

• read formal and informal texts in various genres and with different purposes

• write formal and informal texts with good structure and coherence on personal, interdisciplinary and social topics

• analyse and discuss a film and a representative selection of literary texts in English from the genres poetry, short story, novel and drama

• discuss a selection of literary texts in English from various regions of the world and different periods from the 1500s up to the present

Pre-reading activities:

Reading the story: