Lincs Blood Bikes

The group has been formed to provide a fleet of ‘blood bikes’ in the county of Lincolnshire.


We don’t have any bikes yet or rider equipment but will be attending the Newark Classic Bike Show in January, (in the John Crocker Hall No 2 on stand 359 so come & visit us if you are at the show) to start our fundraising campaign. We hope to achieve charitable status by April next year but need £5,000 in the bank to get this status & recognition. Then on top of that we need to get the bikes, equip them with blue lights & sirens, the relevant livery applied to each machine, clothing & equipment for the riders like sat navs, comms system etc. To start with we plan on having one machine based in the Lincoln area of the county and another in the Boston area. Ideally a third to be used as back up whilst others are being serviced etc & to be used for PR & fundraising events.


In cases of an emergency it is essential to be able to rely on a fast and efficient service. Currently in such cases transportation of products such as blood & organs are delivered to hospitals by taxi or commercial courier, Costing the NHS a substantial amount of money each year.

It is also not an uncommon occurrence for ambulance or police personnel to transport emergency products, taking them away from their essential front line services.

Saving lives is one of our biggest aims and with our speedy blue light & siren response in cases of emergency our services will play apart in saving people’s lives, which we will gain considerable personal satisfaction from.

Types of Calls

Urgent: Deliveries that must be made as soon as possible, or within an urgent timescale. (An estimated time of arrival will be provided to the client)

Emergency: Deliveries that involve a risk to a patient's life. These are the highest priority and are the only ones that justify the use of blue lights and sirens.

All of the above is only achievable with help from sponsors and the general public. We are operating a service to help you so in return we ask you to help us.

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