LETTER OF ENQUIRY    ( U.4B –  St: 28/29 – Wb: 25)


SAY WHO YOU ARE:   a) I am a small shop in Devoto.

                              b) We are a large company in New York.        

WHY YOU ARE WRITING:   a) I am writing to know more about  your products.

                                     b) We are organizing a big exhibition.

HOW YOU HEARD ABOUT THE COMPANY:   I saw your advertisement in the newspaper/on TV/etc.

2nd PARAGRAPH      

MAKE A SPECIFIC REQUEST:   a) Could you please send me/us (a catalogue)?

                                         b) Would you kindly send me/us (a price list)?

                                         c) Could you let me /us have (some samples)?

                                         d) Please, could you let me/us have (a discount)?