SUNY Cortland

Sara Woodward

EDU 255

 Verbal Transcription of Lab

(To the whole class)


Alright everybody bring it in a little to me here, right over here, good.

Alright, my name is Ms. Woodward.

And I’m going to be teaching our jump rope unit today.

And today we’re going to be jump roping like football players.

Alright, so you’ve ever seen that drill where they put the tires out and you see ‘em hopping through them like this right?

Right? You’ve seen it before, right?

Alright, so, what they’re doing is getting their knees up really high.

And that’s what we’re going to be doing today with the jump rope.

Like Alex just did, you were doing the up, land, and up, land, but instead of going back, we’re doing knee, up, knee, up, right?

So what we’re going to do is spread out, we’re gonna practice that without the jump ropes.

Give yourself enough room.

And when I say go we’re going start doing our little knee, land, knee, land, alright?

So we’ll do it a couple times and when I say stop, stop.

Alright, so everybody ready?

Here we go, knee, land, knee, land, knee, land.

Looking good, get those knees up!

Nice and high.

Alright, now freeze.

Now let’s get our jump ropes.

Give yourselves enough room.

Let me demonstrate...what it will look like.

And you’re going to try and keep it nice and slow because it can be a little confusing at first, I had trouble with it so it’s fine if everyone else does.

But, now I got it, so everyone can do it.

Alright, so start the jump.

Knee, land, knee, land, knee, land.

I’m getting my knees up nice and high, alright?

So let’s try it, alright?!

To Will:

Make sure you are landing, there you go.

To Cody:

Here, watch, knee, land, knee, land.

To whole class:

Alright, so we kind of comfortable with that?

Alright, so what we’re going to do, if you think you can do this, is the can-can.

Ever see the Rockettes in Radio City? Right?

And obviously you’re not going to be able to kick as high, but if you can, I would try it.

So what you’re going to do is the knee up.

Knee, and up, knee, and kick, knee and kick, alright?

So if you wanna do that you can, or you can keep practicing your knee up.

But if you can-can that would be pretty cool.

Alright, so here we go.

To student:

Nice, that was good.

To student:

There was good.

To whole class:

Alright, let’s freeze for a second.

Let’s have everyone try to spread out right here, on this line, here.

Ok, spread out right here.

Side by side.

Alright, and I’ll be in the middle.

Let’s make two lines, uh no, let’s go this way.

Ok just spread out on this line.

I’ll be here.

Alright so what we’re going to do is start on the right side.

We’ll jump once, knee and kick, all at the same time.

So we’ll go on the right leg then on the left.

Alright we’re gonna do it just like the Rockettes.

Ready, ready?

Let’s go!

Oh good!


Ok everyone come over here.

We’re gonna watch Sarah and Will.

To Sarah and Will:

Very nice!

To whole class:

Alright, we’ll bring it in.

Good job guys.

Alright, a cue for the knee up one?

Getcha knee up, right?

Can-can, get your knee up and kick.

Alright, I thought you guys looked pretty good today.

Alright so good job.

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