Fathers & Men That Are Ex-Felons Bill


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To:The Honorable ____________________ Please Help Your Men .

Dear Senator _____________________

I am writing to urge you to support the “Fathers & Men That Are Ex-felons Bill”. Currently in America over 65 million men have a felony record. Currently insurance companies , land lords ,housing managers are banning ex-felons from virtually all places that provide housing .This act alone is causing massive divorce rates,drug problems ,shootings and many social problems that  can be avoided .

I feel that it is imperative that a time table is put into place to ensure that ex-felons have the ability to prove themselves a person of good moral character .We have stones in building saying in god we trust . God is supposedly forgiving . This dilemma is serious and many people are unable to find housing when the housing market is full of unbelievable amount of empty homes just rotting away that can easily be restored .

I feel that it is time for the extreme disrespect towards poor white men and minorities to come to a end with a bill that allows those at the bottom to breathe .The poor men of America that make up the majority of the total ex-felon population in America deserve a time table in which they can be deemed rehabilitated and deemed fit to rent a HUD home or a section 8 apartment or live in any apartment or home in the jurisdiction of America .

Insurance companies should no longer be able to say who and what families can live in a house when their credit is good and their income is suitable enough to pay the bills. Anything less in my opinion constitutes as racism and extreme prejudice . Inappropriate and discriminatory housing policies and practices make it much more difficult for families to stay together.

Religious housing programs and half way houses do not truly help people considering once these men are released into society their still isn’t any laws which protect felons and  allow them  to gain access to apartments and homes.The end result is wasted tax dollars .

Its time for justice to be served to the people that are out here striving to be a productive Americans . It is time for men of honor and integrity to take a stand for whats right and work to preserve human dignity in America . All humans deserve to live with dignity regardless of racial make up , religions belief , political thought ,disability or past criminal record .Housing is not a privilege it is a human right . Felons are not security threats . Felons are not responsible for 911 or any severe acts that jeopardize the majority which make a living wage. We ask our leaders to allow us the right to become Americans by allowing us to rent homes and raise our families and to be productive people the decision is no longer ours due to this recession it is up to those with the ability to provide funding for education and housing something over 65 million men do not have in America .

This bill would require the following .