Verbal Transcription

Teacher: Jeremy West                                                     Class:         EDU 255        

Topic:         Ultimate Frisbee – Leading with a Pass                        Grade:         Lab B2                

Date:         10/13/2010                                                        # of Students:         15        

To the Whole Class:

Good morning class.

How many of you are, have brothers or sisters?

Raise your hand.

Is there anyone that’s an only child?

One person?

To Andy:

Well, Andy today’s your lucky day because today every–all of us are gonna be brothers and sisters.

To the Whole Class:

And what do big brothers and sisters do?

(Nick says they fight).

That’s true, but what I’m thinking of, they often lead their younger siblings, right?

Today we’re gonna do that.

We’re gonna on leading each other with the backhand pass.

Before we do that let’s refresh ourselves on the cues for the backhand… pass.

Can anyone help me out here?

Cues for backhand pass.


(Rob says point at your target).

That’s one of’em.

Anyone else?

(Someone says step and see the target).


See the target.


So, what we’re gonna do…

If I can have a Frisbee…

Nicole, Andy, Anthony (Nicole was going to give me her Frisbee, but Anthony was closer.  I accidently called Anthony Andy and corrected myself).

Thank you.


What we’re gonna do, if we can just come over over.

And as you can see I have these hula hoops set up.

When we break up into, we’re gonna break up into three groups eventually.

What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna lead our partners to the other hula hoop so when you lead make sure – one of the common mistakes when leading is on your release point.

You gotta get it at the exact position.

If you release it too early, it’s gonna be behind your partner.

If you release it too late, it’s gonna be too far ahead of them so their not gonna be able to catch it.

So if Tim and Ryan are my partners Ryan’s gonna go down past the green hula hoop down there, if you could do that, and Tim, what he’s gonna do, he’s gonna run out and kinda cut to the green hula hoop and I’m gonna lead him.

Go ahead.


That’s what you’re gonna do, and then Ryan’s gonna to this hula hoop and Tim’s gonna pass it to Ryan.

Okay, when you do this try to get as close to the hula hoop as possible.


Another thing I’d like to say, be alert, keep your heads up, keep your eyes up because we’re in a sm—limited space here so just remember that.

Let’s break up into three groups quickly.

Each, uh, each group at a hula hoop.

Groups of three.  (Corrected myself – I originally said three groups).

Whenever you’re ready go ahead.

To Nicole:

Good job, Nicole.

Wait until he gets a little farther out so you can get it in the hula hoop, okay?

To Laura:

That was good, Lauren—Laura but make sure you release it at the right point.

To Kayla:

Make sure when you throw it you want to get it in front of him, okay?  (Mhmm).

To the Whole Class:

Alright guys you can stay where you are, but now we want to do little brother, that was big brother, so now we want to do little brother, which means if you’re not passing it or you’re not catching it that you’re gonna be a little brother.

That means you’re gonna be on the passer defending’em.

Make sure you’re in their space, get your hands up, talk, just make sure—try to make them not be able to complete the pass.

Go ahead.

To Kevin:

Very good job, Kevin.

That was perfect.

To the Whole Class:

Alright guys if you could bring it in.

Hustle!  (Clapping).


Good job today guys.

I seen some excellent, excellent brothers and sisters—big brothers and sisters—and some really annoying little brothers and sisters.

I hope you’re not like that in real life.

But, great job today.

Can anyone tell me one of the common mistakes when you’re leading with the pass?

(Nick says release too late).

Good job, Nick.

Another one could be wind.

Today wind’s not a factor, but some days it’s really windy.


Thank you guys.

Good job today.

Next class we’ll work on routes and different throws.