This appeal challenges the legitimacy of actions administrators ESL CIS section:

Marki -

SirJay -


and questiones their competence as administrators in general.


The subject of this appeal are the actions of administrators concerning the match Yes - Vega in BF3 Conquest ESL Zalman League Qualification # 1:

as follows:


1. Unreasonable change in the rules CIS section in the current tournament.

2. Ban the player in accordance with the rules, which is included in the rules CIS section, while absent in the global ESL rules.

1. January 10 at 22:00 Moscow time the match Yes-Vega should take a place.

In the morning ImP, the team captain of Yes, looked through the rules of the cup and found the following paragraph:


1.2.1. The match

The match takes place on two maps, chosen from each team in the settings of match. Two rounds for RUS, and two rounds for USA.



After that, ImP immediately pointed out the Team Yes's map in match comments - Kharg Island and contacted with the organizer of team Vega, administrator of ESL CIS-section - Marki for elucidation an opponent's map. The opponent have chosen Seine Crossing, but after that Marki tryed dissuade Yes's captain from the flight map Kharg Island, because "Vega is not ready for it". Of course Marki, like many others, was aware Yes quite successfully performed on the flight maps, has strong pilots and on this basis, the chances of victory of his team on this type of map, were probably unsatisfactory. The Yes team captain has refused to change chosen map. Immediately after this, Marki contacted his colleagues-admins of CIS-section and quoted their words, that the administrator's decision is: must be played maps stated in the match by default, namely - Damavand Peak twice, which, of course, has no aircrafts. Log of correspondence with Marki via ICQ is available in the match report:


Seeing the unwillingness of the team Yes to forget the rules prescribed by that time in the cup so easy, Marki has created a protest to the match, in which he wrote: "The opposing team refuses to play the designated maps." Date of establishment protest: 15:03 Moscow time. At 15:06 in the protest the administrator of CIS section SirJay, after 3 (!) Minutes voiced the administration's decision: "Should be played Damavand Peak, no others."

After this debate erupted in the protest, in which was given a fair question, "what about the rules of the tournament?" A reply was received from the administrator SirJay, that the rules are wrong and Yes must play as administrator told. The screenshots of the protest are available.

Consideration must be given to the fact: some other teams had already played by the rules of the tournament with choosing their maps:


Outraged by such a clear example of "my own way" relationships among the participants of CIS section, endowed with administrative privileges, ImP wrote SirJay's decision on the major cybersport BF forum of the russian community:

Russian community regarded such an approach extremely negatively.


However, a few hours later the rules were edited and cup in paragraph 1.2.1. phrase


The match takes place on two maps, chosen from each team in the settings of match. Two rounds for RUS, and two rounds for USA.


has been replaced by:


The match takes place two maps mentioned in the match.



This rules are in the cup at the moment.


Thus, alteration of rules appears to be a consequence of Marki's situational desire to provide his team with an advantage on the legal grounds - nevertheless such a thesis is difficult to prove. However, such an unreasonable rule alteration and even publication of unfaithful rules led to certainly adverse effect and vividly exemplifies incompetence of SirJay being administrator of BF3 CIS league.

2. Thereafter a reply from head administrator of CIS league has appeared on the TotalBF forum. His message constains statement concerning russian community (particularly he described the principal site of  Russian community as "shit") and demonstrated a sharply negative attitude to all players that are members of such a group.


Furthermore, he announced that team Yes leader will be forced to liability by the means of ban for quotation of administration's decision regarding Yes-Vega match. Instantly after such an announcement Imp has been banned for month under authority of CIS league rules (provision 1.8).


Another example of CIS administration's arbitrariness is the presence of certain item in the rules of CIS-sections, and its absence in the global rules of ESL:


Close analyze of ESL EU global rules demonstrates absence of penalty for internal text quotation, however common sense suggests that two months ban for quotation administrators on issue that demonstrates their incompetence in the matters of complaint created as a consequence of their unprofessionalism is the result of personal selfishness rather than eligible activities.

Since CIS league is being a more particular in relation to EU league we should consider the viability of correlation between rules of aforesaid leagues.

Thereby the reasonableness of such a rule in CIS league is questioned. Moreover, such a clause seems to be a destructive element, promoting the arbitrariness of administrators.

In order to be consistent I would admit again that any rule execution should have necessity grounds instead of beadledom - peculiarly if such a matter as ban is being implied.


Simultaneously a closer look at specified topic on does not indicate any prooval of Imp accusation in publishing  the text or screenshots of the protest. If any of those existed, a demonstration of such an existence is necessary.

Screenshots of correspondence via ESL private messages between captain of Team Yes ImP and head administrator of ESL CIS SASA containing use of inapropriate (offensive) language and neglecting of ESL global rules by the latter can be attached to this petition. It is already attached to Support Ticket #4124203 on ESL.


This appeal seeks to:


- point out complete incompetence of ESL CIS administrators Marki, SirJay and SASA to ESL global administration

- review legitimacy of 2 months long barrage issued to ImP due to all provided evidence