Quest Enhancements

Step one to enhancing the quest system is to overhaul the current quest page in the interface. I’m not sure why it is the way it is right now, but a player must be able to have more than 4 active quests at any time. They should really be able to have an unlimited number running at any time. Furthermore, completed quests should be listed on another tab in the interface so players can go back over completed quests if they so choose. The final addition is that players should be able to select any completed, or active quest and go over all conversations that took place for that quest. The current system is incredibly lacking.

Quest Items

For enhanced quests to be fully functional there needs to be an additional item type added to the game, quest items. For this to happen, either a new category needs to be added to the inventory section of the interface, or Vanity Items need to be changed to Vanity/Quest items, my preferred option. In addition, Vanity/Quest items shouldn’t count toward inventory slots as they are either personal quest items, or items purchased through Platinum.

Quest Types

The current batch of quests in Pockets Legends are satisfactory for tier one quests. They are simple and to the point and require little to no puzzling out or investigation to start or complete. In order to enhance and improve on the current system a number of different quest types need to be added to the game. These include:

1. Kill x number / find x number of items and return. The current quests in the game. [Collection]

2. Take a given item from an NPC to another NPC. [Delivery]

3. Escort an NPC(s) from location A to B. [Escort]

4. Solve a riddle/puzzle to determine what to do then find and give certain items to a NPC for new items. [Solve/Collect]

5. A combination of all of the above. [Epic]

Quest Interaction

In order for more enhanced quests to be added to the game, a quest interaction screen needs to be added to NPC encounters. With this in place the player can actually have a discussion with the NPC, triggering responses with the right words/sentences asked, as well as a way for the player to submit items to the NPC to trigger completion/advancement of the quest.

NPC Quest Interaction Screen

By entering into an interaction screen the player can ask the NPC questions, usually starting with a simple hello. The NPC can then respond depending on the question asked to trigger quest clues. When the player has determined what he/she must do they head off to kill/collect the said critters/items and then return to advance or complete the quest. Quests can be multi-part, having a number of steps until fully completed, or may need to be via a number of different NPCs.

Quest Encounters

The final, and most important part of the quest upgrade, is the addition of quest encounters. This will add a whole new component to the game, with the possibility of truly epic battles for the most difficult quests. To fully illustrate the concept of quest encounters it is probably easier to run through an example quest.

For step one, the player talks to a wandering elderly Enchanter in map 3 of Forest Haven, rare and randomly spawned, lets call him Mitore. A sample conversation follows:

P> Hello

M> Hello young one. It is a pleasure to see one such as your self during such troubling times. The Elves of these woods are in desperate trouble.

P> Trouble

M> No time to speak about it right now. I am searching...

P> Searching

M> Mitore appears lost in thought and does not respond.

P> Pretty much anything else

M> Mitore appears lost in thought and does not respond.

From there the player has learnt a little. He/she knows we are in troubling times, and that some elderly Enchanter is searching for something. Apart from that however, not much else is known. From here the player must search for more clues. I leave this up to the developers to fill in, but my idea is that at some point in another map the player comes across a massacre of elven villagers. Amongst the rubble the player may spot an insignia, which if he/she examines will find the word Barlk scrawled in blood. From here, back to the Enchanter for another chat.

P> Barlk

M> Mitore stares at you in disbelief. Young one, how have you heard of such evil. Barlk and his minion are waging an epic war on the poor elven villagers of these parts. I have been searching desperately for the Heart-Stones required to enter his realm so I can defeat him once and for all.

P> Heart-Stones^

M> Yes young one. The five dreaded Heart-Stones of the demonic Warlords. Only with those five stones can we hope to open a gate to the realm of Barlk and defeat him.

P> Gate^

M> With the five Heart-Stones we can enter the Elven Circle of Mystics where I can open a gate to the realm of Barlk. Only then do we have a hope of defeating him.

P> Warlords^

M> The five  Warlords are roaming the realm slaying without discretion. They are extremely hard to find, appearing seemingly at random in different places each time.

P> Five^

M> There are five dreaded Warlords; Banth, Gozava, Horz, Okar and Tardos Mors.

^ (Only triggers if Barlk has been said previously, otherwise  Mitore will simply respond with: Mitore appears lost in thought and does not respond. )

From here the player learns that an epic battle between the Elves of Forest Haven and the demonic minion of the underworld is taking place. In order to assist the Elves, the player must collect the 5 Demonic Heart-Stones and lay them in the Elven Circle of Mystics to summon forth Barlk the leader of the demonic hoard and slay him.

The player then embarks on the daunting task of collecting the 5 Heart-Stones, drops from 5 different super rare randomly spawning demons throughout the realm. The demons could spawn in any map and at any time, but only for those who are currently embarking on the quest. Heart-Stones may actually be collected through completing lesser quests as well. Epic quests like this should be VERY long and elaborate to reflect the awesome rewards at the end.

Once the player has collected the 5 Heart-Stones he/she must go the the Elven Circle of Mystics and speak to Mitore to trigger the end of the quest. After entering the Quest Interaction and submitting the 5 Heart-Stones, Mitore spawns a warp gate to the final Quest Encounter.

Once the player enters the gate it fades away and the player is transported to a special map just for this final battle. From here he/she must invite up to 9 other players to join, to assist in the final quest battle. As the map will be little more than a large room at the end of a corridor with the boss, Barlk, and his minion, there should be room for a 10 man group. There will be quests however where only a lesser number of party members are allowed, down to only the quest initiator, solo battles.

Once the player has formed his/her group, the battle can take place. In these epic quest battles special rules could apply. The first is that players can not re-spawn. The only way a player can re-enter the battle is through a Resurrect. If ALL players have been defeated they can all re-spawn at the beginning and try again. Secondly, players cannot join a quest map, they can only enter through an invite. These battles should be epic and intensely difficult, requiring the best possible group and teamwork to win.

When the players finally win the battle, the loot is distributed. The quest initiator will automatically receive the specific quest reward. All other party members will receive epic equipment relevant to the battle that has just taken place. The exact equipment dropped will depend on the difficulty of the battle.

With the addition of such quest battles, truly epic, raid type, battles could be added to Pocket Legends, requiring fantastic teamwork and skill to complete. This would add one of the essential end-game elements that is currently missing from the game.

Quest Rewards

The current rewards for quest completion is reasonable, however, it really needs to be extended to give players more of an incentive to complete quests. If quests were added that can be re-done, farmed, then different quest reward need to be added. One suggestion is the addition of new potions or exilers that can only be collected by completing quests. Maybe some special forms of the current exilers that can be accessed from the players inventory, Vanity/Quest items section. Quests should also offer XP as a reward. This will allow players to level up in other ways other than simply slaying hoards of critters.

Another suggestion for quest rewards is high level skills. If the skill system where to be overhauled part of that system could be the addition of quests to learn specific skills, or skill branches. In this way a player has to really work to reach the top of their class. Anyone can get a Paladin to 50th level, but to take full advantage of the class the player would need to quest a few of his/her top level skills to be truly epic.