Blue Curacao Cocktails

Blue Lagoon

30ml vodka

15ml blue curacao


Fill a highball glass with ice, add the vodka and blue curacao and top up with lemonade, stir and serve.

Blue Hawaiian

15ml light rum

15ml blue curacao

30ml pineapple juice

15ml coconut cream

1 cup of ice

Place all of the ingredients into a blender, blend and serve in a highball glass with a pineapple wheel and some cherries as garnish.

Midnight Kiss

40ml vodka

10ml blue curacao

1 tsp lemon juice


Place the vodka, blue curacao, lemon juice and ice into a cocktail shaker and shake, then strain into a champagne flute and top up with champagne.


1 1/2 oz. Don Eduardo Silver Tequila

2 oz Pineapple juice

1/2 oz. Blue Curacao

Pour tequila into a glass and fill with ice. Add pineapple juice and stir well. Top with Blue Curacao and stir lightly. Garnish with a cherry.

Big Easy Blue Punch

1 oz Blue curacao

2 oz Coconut rum

2 oz Pineapple soda

1/2 oz Lemon juice

Combine blue curacao, rum and lemon juice into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a rocks glass. Top with pineapple soda and garnish with lemon wheel.

Blue Diablo

1 1/4 oz Jose Cuervo Clasico

1/4 oz blue curacao

juice of half lime

1 tsp lemon juice

club soda

Mix tequila, blue curacao, lime juice and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour into a short glass and top with club soda.

Blue Monday

2 oz vodka

¼ oz triple sec

¼ oz blue curacao

Place all of the ingredients together with ice into a cocktail shaker, shake and serve in a martini glass.


2 oz Gin

1 oz Triple Sec

1 oz Blue Curecao

2 dashes Bitters

Shake all the ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with cherry.

Blue Margarita

2 oz Tequila

1 oz Blue Curacao

1 oz Triple Sec

1 oz Lime Juice


Garnish: Lime Wedge

Rim the glass with salt. Shake all the ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into the margarita glass being careful of the salt rim.

Electric Blue Margarita

1 oz Cointreau

1 oz Herradura Silver Tequila

1/2 oz Peach Schnapps

1/2 oz Blue Curacao

4 oz Sour Mix

Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Fill glass with ice. Strain the mixture over fresh ice and garnish with lemon slice and serve.

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