Short Story Writing Workshop 2012 syllabus

Course Syllabus

Workshop 1

Sept 11th, Tuesday, 19:00 − 21:00

Introduction to the short form. We’ll be looking at what the short story can do that the novel can’t, and examining some archetypal short story structures. There’ll also be a writing exercise to help you generate some new ideas, and a set task for the next session.

Workshop 2

Oct 9th, Tuesday, 19:00 − 21:00

We’ll look at the ‘lyrical’ short story structure and set your second writing task. There will be a discussion of the use of language and imagery in a couple of examples of lyrical stories. We’ll also be critiquing your first short story, with feedback from the tutor and the other group members.

Workshop 3

Nov 6th, Tuesday, 19:00 − 21:00

We’ll look at the ‘reveal’ story structure, discuss examples and set your third writing task. We’ll also be critiquing your second short story.

Workshop 4

Dec 11th, Tuesday, 19:00 − 21:00

We will discuss how character works differently in the short story in relation to structure in two examples. We will critique your third writing task and set your fourth.

Workshop 5

Jan 8th 2013, Tuesday, 19:00 − 21:00

The anti-story. We will discuss some examples of short stories that reverse, subvert or play with the above structures. We will critique your fourth task. You can do a fifth task or redraft one of the previous tasks.

Workshop 6

Feb 12th, Tuesday, 19:00 − 21:00

We will look at how to increase your chances of having your stories accepted for publication, where they can be published and discuss and critique the fifth task or redrafts.

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