Are Lawsuits Immoral?

Some Christians believe all lawsuits are immoral because of what it says in the Bible about not suing your brother but going to him and settling with him directly out of Court.

If you are a pacifist, it might be possible to make a valid argument that lawsuits are immoral, but if you are not an pacifist - and most of us are not - it does not seem possible to make a valid argument that lawsuits are immoral.

Most people believe wars are sometimes inevitable. Parties that go to war should have as a goal to win that war.  Look at history.  Look at the American Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the World Wars.  Hundreds of thousands of people have suffered and died to give us our present freedoms and to make the world a better and a more just place in which to live.  If it is sometimes moral for one person to kill another person in a war, then it surely is sometimes moral for one person to sue another person since bringing a lawsuit against someone causes much less harm to them than killing them.  Lawsuits should probably be put in the same category as divorces. Divorce is not ideal, but sometimes necessary.  When there is gross injustice in this world, someone must do something to stop it or else it will continue.  Abraham Lincoln was probably more devoutly Christian than most of us, but he spent his life involved with lawsuits and in the Civil War.  In the end, he commanded his Generals to destroy everything they encountered - cattle, houses, barns, fields, etc. - everything -  because he knew it was the only way the South would surrender and the only way to end the war.  Around 1 million people died in the Civil War.  As a result, slaves were emancipated, and the United States is now a better place to live in.  When there is gross injustice in this world someone like Abraham Lincoln must stand up against it and defeat it.

Contracts are made between parties.  If those contracts are broken or breached, there is no other legal remedy available under the law other than a lawsuit. The legal system in the US is good. Thousands of lawsuits occur every day.  Lawsuits are not unjust and abhorrent. They are the only remedy available under the law if negotiations fail.   Would it be more just and acceptable for the innocent party to just shoot the guilty party?

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Are Lawsuits Immoral?


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