SGA Forum

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I. Call to Order

II. Reading of the Minutes

III. Officers’ Reports

  1. Doomsday Budget-Jessica DiPietro

The General Assembly has passed the "Doomsday" operating budget

  1. Green Week - Shanita Williams
  1. Multicultural Week and Showcase - Emily Pinkham

  1. Recycle Madness - Tanner Shepherd

IV. Reports of Special Committees

V. Special Orders

VI. Unfinished Business

a. Second Readings

1. FMA

        Meet: Thursdays 3:30pm Perdue 158

        Advisor: Dr. Kaza

Yes: 23   No:0    Abst:0

VII. New Business

a. First Readings

VIII. Announcements

IX. Adjournment