Howie D’s new single

Former member of the Backstreet Boys, Howie is kicking off his solo career. This is his first single, released last Saturday and it's called "100". Listen.

His album is supposed to be called "Back to Me" and his first video shoot, for "100", is already done. For what we know, it's very sexy and full of sensual scenes (!!). We'll post it here as soon as we get it ;)

Howie launched a website to promote his solo career, as well:

By the way, the Backstreet Boys are about to go on tour with the NKOTB, what's been called NKOTBSB tour. This tour is expected to reach South America during the next year. We're sure Brazil is on it's list and we have a tip that Recife will one of the cities. Let's keep our fingers crossed :)

Nick Carter is also promoting his solo career. His album, "I'm Taking Off" is already available and his video shoot for his first single was this last Saturday, for that Nick invited his fans to be part of it. (We, from @weloveajmclean, just left a comment on that article talking about this info on Nick’s video. It’s not his first single, it’s his second one, “I’m Taking Off”)

Credits to via @tatybsbrazil