Downtown district real estate ties

Of the 27 board members of the Downtown Management District, 12 are in real estate or a closely related business. The board has been given the power to approve who receives $37 million in property development tax breaks.

Frank Staats - Crescent Real Estate Equities

Diedra Porsche - J.P. Morgan Chase Bank

Karun Sreerama - ESPA Corp.

Stewart O. Robinson - SOR Real Estate Advisors, previously with Hines

Kenny Meyer - MC Management and Development

John Mooz - Hines

Paul Layne - Howard Hughes Corp.

H. Milton Howe - Landgrant Resources

Leslie Ashby - Ashby LLP

Don Henderson - DJH Consulting

Gary Warwick - Warwick Ritz

Thomas Cheng - The Abercrombie Company; Carriage Trailer Park Ltd.

-- STEVE MILLER, Texas Watchdog