Chairman:  Mr T May Tel:  01752 851031

Clerk:  Mrs Vicki White Tel:  01503 232771 Email:

Website –

A meeting of St Germans Parish Council will be held at the British Legion, Tideford on 27 June 2011 at 7.30pm

(Planning Applications will be available from 7.00 pm)


Public participation for a maximum of 10 minutes

1.        Police Report

2.        Apologies for absence

3.        Approval of Minutes of Meeting held on 23 May 2011

4.        Matters arising from the previous minutes

4.1        Highways – ongoing issues

4.1.1    Highways – new items

4.2       Nut Tree Joint Editorial Committee

            Deviock Parish Council advise that their representatives are Mrs Glenda

            Hartland, Phil McClung, Doug Parry and Marion Temlett. Marion Temlett is

            also the new Chair of the Parish Council        

4.3        Xtravert Ramps

            Clerk met with Alan Libby, our friendly link officer and Andy Cathery from

            Xtravert on 20.6.11. Jane Bersey also attended. Although there are several

            options – apply for full planning permission - apply for a Lawful Development

            Certificate etc., it was suggested that the Parish Council write to Planning in

            the first instance, pointing out that the structure is of temporary construction

            and will merely rest on land always used for recreation.

5.        Playparks

5.1        St Germans

        Wicksteed has acknowledged the problem with the wet pour safety surface

            which is being investigated


5.2        Tideford


6.        Burial Ground

6.1       Request & payment received from E Tamblyn to reserve Plot CR29 – see 7.3  

6.2       A vertical metal plaque has been placed at Plot CR6 in memory of Irene May

           Carmichael (interred 18.4.89) – plot owner?

6.3      Clerk wrote to Deviock Parish Council to advise terms & conditions of

            using the burial ground. They ask for a breakdown of the £30,000 requested

            and if we would rename the burial ground – St Germans with Deviock Burial

           Ground. On receipt they will make a decision at their meeting on 14.7.11  

6.4       Port Eliot has confirmed we can buy the additional half acre if Deviock wish

            to proceed and await hearing from us. Our Solicitor will put the purchase on

            hold until he hears from us.

6.5       Mrs Hooper, the widow of Alec Hooper, buried in Plot F12 requests

            permission to plant a small rowan tree near the grave

6.6       Mr Bennett asks if the groundsmen can place vases on the Memorial Tablets

            before strimming the burial ground, to prevent damage to the vases? Also

            some plots again have more than 1 vase – can the regulations please be


7.        Finance

7.1       Clerk has submitted the VAT claim of £1018.25 and received payment.

7.2       Quercus invoice for burial ground hedges and second monthly grass cut - £400

7.3       Burial ground fees - £90 received from E Tamblyn to reserve Plot CR29

7.4       Barclays i-sure data back up invoice for May 2011 - £3.30

7.5       CALC invoice – 15 copies ‘The Good Councillors Guide’ - £15.00

7.6       Douglas Tonks invoice for clerks May salary plus admin fee - £480.89

7.7       A request for a donation from Tanya’s Courage Trust, supporting young

            people with cancer throughout Cornwall

7.8       Clerks expenses for June - £49.18

7.9       Quercus invoice for grass cutting - £530

7.10     Insurance Premium of £1916.22 paid to Came & Company for annual

            insurance with Aviva, together with the 3 year long term agreement with 16

            months cover for the price of 12. The agreement will be from 27.6.11 to


7.11     SLCC Membership for 2011/12 - £95

7.12     Note - Cheque signatories will be amended to Cllr May, Cllr Barnes and Cllr

            Elliott, where any two can authorise cheque payments.

8.        Planning Applications

            The following planning applications have been received:

8.1       PA11/03686

            Pendean, 2 Eliot Terrace, St Germans                   Mrs L Macdonald

            Demolition of outside toilet and construction of single storey extension

8.2       PA11/04160

            Eastwall Farm, Tideford Cross Lane, Tidfeord Cross              Mr L Jury

            Demolition of existing garage structure and construction of single storey

            comprising 1 bedroom and shower room (detached from existing dwelling)

8.3       PA11/04347

            Little Cutcrew, Tideford                                                Miss T Patterson

            Removal of condition 3 (holiday occupancy) to allow permanent residential

            use of dwellinghouse (App. PA10/03901 dated 15.10.10 relates)

8.4       PA11/04355

            1 Wood View Terrace, Church Road, Tideford               Mr T Heath

            Creation of new access to hardstanding/parking area in rear garden

            The following planning application has been received by Cornwall Council

            and will be with the Parish Council for consultation shortly:

8.5       PA11/03696

            Haparanda Station, St Germans                                      Mr D Stroud

            Works to trees within a conservation area namely fell 2 sycamores which are

            leaning over the B3249 road and pavement and replant with 1 camellia and 1


9.        Planning Decisions

            The following application has been approved:

9.1       PA11/03176

            4 Tregalister Gardens                                                    Mr & Mrs Bakewell

            Removal of existing conservatory and construction of a single storey garden

            room extension to frontage

10.        Planning Correspondence and Reports

10.1     Amended public speaking procedure at Planning Committees

10.2     Planning Application PA11/03467 5 Lower Fairfield, St Germans. Planning

           Officer advised his recommendation is to approve subject to a condition

            restricting its use to ancillary purposes to the host dwelling. Clerk was asked

            to request that the application be referred to Planning Committee.

10.3     East Sub-Area Planning Committee – 15.6.11 at Liskeard

11.        Correspondence Received

11.1     NALC briefing – future standards of conduct of members of local authorities

11.2     Cornwall Gateway Community Network Panel 6.6.11 – attended by Cllr

            Sullivan and Cllr Barnes        

11.3     SLCC – publications from the Society Bookshop – The Parish Councillors

            Guide – The Councillor

11.4     Saltash Town Framework – various changes from Derek Holley, Adam

            Killeya and the Planning Policy Officer. Also a copy of the consultation

            document (not printed but available from clerk)

11.5     SLCC Cornwall Branch Newsletter – only pages 1 and 16 printed but

            available from clerk

11.6     New CLG Community Right to Buy Leaflet

11.7     CALC’S The Week – 27.5.11, 3.6.11, 17.6.11

11.8     Caradon Monthly Walks – 6.7.11 to 7.12.11

11.9     Proposed Music Festival Licence – As Parish Councils are not statutory

            consultees how do they have input

11.10   South West Funding and News Bulletin May 2011 – only page 1 of 95 printed

            but available from clerk

11.11   Building Control Services - newsletter May 2011

11.12   Funding Bulletin – 23.5.11, 30.5.11, 6.6.11 – only page 1 printed of each but

            available from clerk

11.13   Nut Tree – June edition

11.14   Benefits for vulnerable people – Pensions service visiting service

11.15   Rural Services Network – weekly news digest – 24.5.11, 7.6.11

11.16   Cornwall Sustainable Village of the Year Competition 2011

11.17   Cornwall Carers Service – the carers helpline will be open from 16.6.11 –

            01872 266383. Posters on all notice boards

11.18   Record RSS has now been amalgamated with SMP Playgrounds

11.19   Playground Maintenance undertake all safety surfacing, repairs and

            refurbishments etc

11.20   CALC response to the reform of Audit Consultation

11.21   Parish Councillor & Skills Day on 18.6.11 – attended by Cllrs Sullivan,

            Hodge and Skelton – also a copy of the handout from the session    

11.22   Question from the clerk to Cubert Parish Council – advice on Common Land

11.23   The next Town Framework meeting is on 30.6.11 at 6.00pm at the Gateway


11.24   Invitation for Parish Councillors to meet Alec Robertson, leader of Cornwall

            Council on 11.7.11 at Truro, 21.7.11 at Bodmin, 25.7.11 at Penzance

11.25   Cemetery Fee enquiry from Cornwall Council

12.        Informal Correspondence