AGLC Launch Team August 2, 2010

Attendees:  Phil and Sally Hart, Carl Christensen, Nolan Clemens, Patti Langsdale, Kim Saunders, John Nelson, Dee Rose, Tim Draney, Nick Billardello, Kenn Mingus, Jeff Trang

Nick led us in prayer and devotion on servant leadership.  

Prior to the meeting, many of us were able to visit the Highland Meadow Montessori School to see where we will be meeting.

Old Business

Susie Henning has agreed to play the keyboard for us for awhile. Patti talked to Andrea Reid and found that they are not moving away.  She didn’t ask about her playing for us, just told her about the new church.

Lease arrangements with Highland Meadow Montessori are done.

Forms for synod are done.  Nolan is keeping the official binder.

Bank account – the bank is waiting on response from state.  One time gifts need to be given now.  The checks can be made to Abiding Grace Lutheran Church and sent to Nolan’s address: 2177 S. Winding Creek Drive Grapevine, TX  76051.

Bishop Kanouse is checking with LWLC to see if he will be able to visit after the second vote.

Altar Vestments – Calvary has a set of green vestments that are available.  Carl also talked to Caren Wolfe at LWLC about vestments and was told that Deborah Tierney was using them for Sunday School.  The green vestments will get us through until October.  Nick is meeting with area clergy this week and will ask if any of them have any vestments; he will also ask about green hymnal organist book.  

Dee has accepted the role of membership secretary.  Nolan will call Lydia to help her.  Dee will make attendance books that record attendance and communion participation.

Kenn – talking to Pastor Steve, we don’t have to join the church of record.  We can transfer our membership to Abiding Grace.


Invitation to worship letters – There will be two forms of the letter – one with and one without “pledge”.  We will also add that we are accepting backpacks on Aug 15 for GRACE.

We will also send out a postcard around the beginning of September.

Bulletins and order of service – Nick will prepare the bulletin and Calvary will print them for us.  Do we use the hymnals or not?  Nick pointed out that we want to branch out and have non-Lutherans come too and we don’t want visitors to be lost during the service.  It is more welcoming to have more printed in the bulletin.  Announcements typically take up a lot of space.  Before next Monday’s meeting, he will make up some examples.

Sunday School – We will start Sunday School after Labor Day.  Rally Day will be Sept 12.  

Congregational meeting will be early in October.  

Chanting and worship assistants – Do we want an assistant minister?  We can have a cantor and the assisting minister do the prayers etc.  We will ask Susie to come next Monday to discuss music.  We decided to go a few weeks without Assistant Minister; the reader can do both lessons and prayers.  Just start with a reader and add an AM later.  Nick will do prayer.  We also need two communion assistants.  

Offering envelopes – I will price these at Mardel and online.  Dee will put in attendance book or we can have them near nametags.

Worship and Music – maybe there should be a small group – worship and music committee to meet with Nick.  Next week we can do the first few weeks.  We will be using the lectionary text.  There will be 4 hymns.  


The phone – Google phone number – Five cell phones can be connected to this number and receive texts that a phone call has come in. The number is 817-601-7128.  John demoed the phone for us.  A group in charge of returning calls was created.  Patti will be the primary person and John and Nick will be secondary.  

Opening building – Phil will open the building each week.

The leadership team should consider parking across the street.

Signage – Tim Draney will have some signs made to be placed at the corner and in front of the building.

Altar Guild – Tonya, Patti, Kim

Ushers – Kenn and Carl

Communion Assistant – Jeff and Phil and recruit one more

Counters – we need at least two Dee and Carl will count first week.

Coffee fellowship – Tim Draney will bring vacuum carafes for coffee.  We provide coffee, filters, cream, sugar, cups; lemonade.  In order to be more eco-friendly, try to bring your own mug.  Some of the leadership team will bring breakfast bread the first Sunday.

Set up and take/down – We need 4 people to set up. Will we be setting up for SS and church at the same time?  Adult Sunday School will be in the library.

Are we setting up for SS and church at the same time.  Adult SS will be in the library.  

Sally will create an announcement at the first Sunday to sign up for serving positions for later services.

Other Business

Should we contact the man that Bishop Kanouse knows who recently moved from Arlington to Southlake?

Dwight Langsdale will take pictures of the church and new member pictures.

Nick will be the point person to talk to Calvary. Nick’s phone number is 817-688-8799.

Kenn will find out how to transfer our membership from LW to AGLC – can’t be done until after the synod council meeting which is later in September.

Newsletter – will be doing this later.

Mission Developer Assessment – Nick took this assessment and is good to be a mission developer.  Nick is in first call interviews and he has already done second interview however, he is going to take his name out of the running.  Another position is open in Fort Worth, but he feels that he is with us for the foreseeable future.   He knows that our community will need more than just Sunday morning.  We have to get our name out into the community.  We should start Wed night bible study soon – we should meet at a restaurant, pub, etc and be a body out in the community.  Kenn will look for a Wednesday night place.  Spring Creek BBQ, Tolbert’s, and Johnny B’s are all good choices. We can start around 7 with ordering food and start the bible study around 7:30.  Nick wants to have different styles of class – for instance, one class will be theology and one will be bible.  

Nick will meet with Stephen Kanouse every month.  As soon as we become a congregation under development, the EOCM may be able to help financially.  

Kenn recommends that we read Pastor Kate Warn’s blog here.  Her web address is

Next Meeting

Monday August 9 at 7:00 pm

Worship details will handled at this meeting.

We closed in prayer.