Notes on Hosea 11


·      What is an Idol?

o   Breaking Down Ba-al:

§  A god of sensuality (All of Hosea)

§  A god of savagery (Jer. 19:4-5)

§  A god of carnality (Jer. 7:9)

o   All of this adds up to utter depravity and the antithesis of holiness.

·      What are your idols?


What He’s Done/What They’ve Forgotten:

1. Hosea 1-4- Illustrates God’s heart for his people. When they were young and vulnerable, He treated them tenderly.

a.   The depth of God’s love is demonstrated in how graciously he acts towards His people.

                                 i.         Image is presented of a loving nurturing Father/shepherd

1.   Verse. 1 and 4

2.   Question: This seems to contrast how God has presented himself earlier in the book, why is God all of a sudden showing his “softer side”?


b.   The problem: Verse 2 and 3

                                 i.         They’ve forgotten what he’s done for them

1.   God gave them specific “landmarks” for their faith and they do not turn to them to help establish their faith.

                               ii.         They’re attributing the things he’s done for them to idols.

1.   They’re blind

a.   They can’t identify the works of God and see how he’s been preserving them.

2.   They’re ignorant and shortsighted

a.   They’ve forgotten the warnings of God (Deuteronomy 29:23ish)

i. Question: Why have they forgotten/compromised the warning from God?

1.   They’ve grown impatient (a sign of doubt) and don’t want to operate on God’s time

2.   God’s plans don’t seem to line up with the way that they think He should be operating

3.   Trials

a.   Apply that to yourself

b.   They’ve forgotten the providence of God

     i. Question: why are we so quick to forget God’s providence and trade his certainty for the false hopes of idols?


ii.  They are worshipping an idol when it is God who has made their path straight and ordained every step.

1.   They believe that Ba-al controls the seasons and the waters but believer that God controls the armies, there’s a disconnect

a.   Question: What idols are you “contributing” to your success/current?



The Consequence of their Actions:

2.   Hosea 5-7- The immediate consequences of sin

a.   They are sending themselves back to the place that God has delivered them from.

                                 i.         Egypt -> Assyria

b.   Destruction is the direct result of turning from God. Sin always leads to death and slavery (v. 5b).

                                 i.         Sinners are shackled to the sins that they commit. Whenever we worship to idols, we sell ourselves back into bondage.

                               ii.         God is willing to destroy the things that are important to them and take away the things he has blessed them with.

1.   Question: What are some things that God will take from them? (Rhetorical Q)What are some things that he may take from you?

a.   Their land

b.   Their peace

c.    Their freedom

c.    “Determined/Bent on turning from him”- they do not want God

                                 i.         Bold Statement: Is God just an appetizer in your life? Is He means to an end?

1.   Because He loves you, God will systematically jack your life up and destroy the things that are exalted over him. It is a demonstration of his power, his sovereignty, but most importantly of his love. He brings His people back to Him: broken and bleeding, kicking and screaming… He is God, He is ultimate… and there is no other.

Isaiah 45:5


d.   V. 7b: They only call on God when they want him to operate on their terms.

                                 i.         Question: Why would God refuse to exalt/rescue them? Why would he allow them to perish?

1.   When they need deliverance (something they’re god/idol will fail to accomplish) they run back to God.

a.   What’s wrong with this type of behavior? What does it imply that God wants from his people?

b.   Answer: If you only run to God in suffering and forget him in every other area of your life, you don’t want him to be your God you want him to be your punk.

 i. Example: Girl who calls guy when she needs stuff


Yet and Still…

3. Hosea 8-11- God still has a compassionate heart that yearns to pour out mercy but maintains a standard of holiness.

a.   V. 8: God does not want to abandon His chosen people to the unavoidable outcome of sin

                                 i.         Admah and Zeboiim were cities near Sodom and Gomorrah that were completely eradicated and decimated with fire from heaven after bathing in their deprave nature. (Gen. 14/19 and Det. 29:23)

b.   V. 9: God is in control, even of his own wrath.

                                 i.         Is this not an even greater demonstration of his power? God’s ability to hold back an omnipotent outpouring of wrath.

c.    V. 10-11: Again they will fear the Lord, he will draw His people back to himself from the land that they have been exiled and they will fear him again.

                                 i.         The Lion’s roar does not destroy it’s prey but demonstrates the full power of the Lion.

1.   Their vision is fixed- they see God as all-powerful and are humbled before him

2.   They have intimacy again- they come and follow after him

3.   Their relationship is restored- He leads and protects them and recognizes them as His Children.

a.   They are returned to a place of peace

b.   “I will”- it is God who is initiating all of these actions on his own accord

4.   Question: Why would God choose to not utterly destroy his people?

a.   What are the implications of this statement?

 i.         It is a miracle and a testament to the grace of God that He has not destroyed this Earth and even his saints for He is holy and we are not.

b.   God loves you more than your heart loves Him and He loves you more than you love your idol. He loves you enough to rip you away from it… He loves you enough to gently lead you in another direction… He loves you enough to love you in spite of your adultery and bought you back.


“For I am God, and not man—the Holy One Among you.”

·      Do not be confused.



A.   The root of idolatry is always a failure to trust that God can provide, protect, and secure. It is a failure to comprehend and recognize the grace of his plans and his sovereignty.


B.   Do not take advantage of the Grace of a God who exercises his compassion towards sinners. Repent, confess, believe, and beg for his forgiveness because He is faithful to purge sinners and destroy sin. Live a life of repentance.

a.   Do not forget how God views sin and sinners.


C. How do I dismantle my idol and come running back to the Lord?

·      The same way we do everything else: Ephesians 2:8

o   By Grace Alone Through Faith Alone in Christ Alone