French 2 Block

jeudi 8 mars

Bonjour! I hope you’re having a great day :) Please read this entire letter before starting work. I am very confident that you will show Ms. Johnson what a great person and student you are! Below is the list of work that you should be working on (independently) while I am out. Please stay on task. The only websites you should go to are Gmail, Gdocs & You should ask Ms. Johnson before going to any other sites. If you have any questions, you may ask a classmate, Ms. Johnson and/or email me.

Access the online textbook here. Your username & password should be in your email. Ms. Johnson also has it.

1. Work on and complete the Google Race (from Tuesday). Make this quick & move on!

2. Create a new drawing. The title should be your name & period (L. Layman 6/7). Make a rough floor plan or your house (or make one up!). Label the rooms (use vocab lists at the back of French 2 book). For each room, write 2 sentences about what you (or someone) do in that room. (example: la salle de bain. Mon mari se brosse les dents.) When you are done, share your document with me.

3. Go to the online textbook. Take notes about making commands using reflexive verbs (page 176). Watch the grammavision video. Complete exercises 32-38 (pages 176-178) and check your answers using the online book.

4. Take notes about using reflexive verbs with infinitives (page 178). Complete exercises 39-42 (pages 178-179).

5. Complete ‘more practice’, ‘self-test’, and the workbook pages for Chapter 5, Grammar 2 and Application 2.

6. Choose a chapter from the ‘Joie de Lire’ book on the blue bookshelf. Read and complete exercises.

7. Complete exercises 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 on pages 186-187.

**Before you put your Chromebook away, you must EMAIL ME. Tell me:

a) how much work you got done (be specific)

b) how hard you worked (your opportunity to tell me anything Ms. Johnson might)

c) any questions you have (be specific)

P.S. I can see the exercises that you complete in the online book. I will be keeping an eye on you!! ;)

Les devoirs:

Read the handout that Ms. Johnson gives you about the FUN movie that you will be watching tomorrow. Look up Asterix & Obelix  :) If you can’t handle the independent work on Thursday, Ms. Johnson will have more work for you to do movie :( Please make me proud!