Phat Beets Produce Beet Box Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How much does a Beet Box cost and how long of a commitment is it?

There are two prices for our Beet Box: a full-share, which is $25, and a half-share, which is $16.  You may choose to buy a one-time trial share; after that, you can choose to sign up for a four, eight or 12-week subscription, which you may cancel or continue at the end.

We accept EBT and WIC for Beet Boxes and at our markets; please email to set up a time outside of the market to pay using your EBT card.

All purchases with EBT are 50% off

2. What fruits and veggies are in it, are they easy to cook and how many people will it feed? Will I even like it?

The fruits and veggies in the Beet Box are seasonal, meaning we only pack produce that our farmers are growing in the current season (so in May, for example, we wouldn’t have tomatoes because our farmers don’t have them until July). We do provide a variety of kitchen “staples”, so that each week our members generally receive some root veggies, hearty greens, herbs or salad greens, and a few other seasonal vegetables and fruits.

In the summer, shares may include tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, peaches, basil and melons, whereas in the fall they may have squash, collard greens, onions, lettuce & apples. It all depends on the season.

Our Beet Box Newsletter provides customers with recipes for easy and delicious dishes to make with your seasonal produce, ideas for eating healthy, and nutritional information about a featured item.

A half-share Beet Box generally includes 5-7 pounds of produce and feeds 1-2 people for a week, while the full share includes 10-12 pounds and feeds 3 or more people for a week.

3. I am low-income and on EBT. Is there a discount for me?

Each full share generates a $2 voucher called a “Beet Bux” for doctors an services providers at the Arlington Med Center and the Childrens’ Hospital Oakland to give to young people suffering from diet related diseases to use at our clinic based farmers’ markets.

50% Discount for EBT users through our Market Match Program

4. I already have a CSA box and shop at my local farmers market. Why support Phat Beets and the Beet Box as well?

That’s a really good question. First, Phat Beets Produce and the Beet Box specifically support small minority farmers, and connect them to inner-city communities. This means that we seek to promote the work of farmers who have been historically marginalized, who haven’t used farm subsidy programs, or haven’t had access to local markets. The Beet Box, in addition to our North Oakland Farmers Market, is another way of supporting this model of reaching out to make sure that farmers get a fair price for their food, which results in Oakland getting affordable, healthy and locally-grown food.

Second, at $25, our Beet Box is extremely affordable, well-balanced and all pesticide-free or organic! Our farmers grow on a small scale, meaning every crop is tended to personally and with loving care.  Our $16 half-share Beet Box is every bit as delicious and equitable as our full-share, just smaller.

Finally, we (and the East Bay Express!) think that the Beet Box is just about the best CSA out there. We provide a wide variety of produce, and it will never be the “same old things” every week. We work with farmers who provide interesting, delicious specialty items like mushrooms, dates, walnuts, avocados, chinese broccoli and ginger, so that your Beet Box isn’t just healthy, it’s exciting too!

5. What are the advantages of committing to a Beet Box rather than just buying my produce from the store when I want?

First of all, the Beet Box is convenient. You can pick it up at a location near your home, and it includes basic as well as specialty items, all in one box!

Next, the Beet Box is affordable. We believe that the Beet Box is the best value out there, and that if you were to buy a comparable amount and variety of organic produce from a grocery store, you would end up paying a lot more for the same things. And sometime you wouldn’t even be able to find organic or pesticide-free versions of these items in a store!

Finally, by purchasing a Beet Box, you are supporting Phat Beets’ work to forge a more equitable, sustainable and HEALTHY food system in Oakland. Our programs -- farmers markets, school produce stands, teen garden internships, and free workshops -- are designed to provide access to great food at affordable prices for Oakland residents. By committing to a Beet Box, you are becoming part of that equitable food system!

6. How do I order one?

Please go to our website at and follow the instructions there. If you do not have internet access and would like to subscribe, please call our CSA hotline at (510) 393-2541, and our coordinator will help you through the process.

7. Where can I pick up my Beet Box?

We have 9 pickup locations around Oakland and Berkeley, and are adding more each week! Right now you can pick up boxes at several locations in north Oakland, one in South Berkeley, one near Whole Foods Oakland, one near Lake Merritt, and one in the Dimond District. If you are interested in offering your porch, garage or other secure (but accessible) space as a Beet Box pickup location, please email us at

8. What if I forget to pick up my box?

Each week that you are scheduled to pick up a Beet Box, you will receive an email reminding you of your subscription details and pickup location. If you need to skip a week or more for any reason, you can manage your subscription by logging in to our website at

If you forget to pick up your box by Sunday evening, please email or call us as soon as you remember. In some cases it may be available, but we do try to donate leftover produce while it’s still fresh. The cost of that week’s box will be forfeited, as we cannot refund unclaimed boxes.

9. What if I don’t like what’s in it, the produce has gone bad or I want to discontinue my subscription? How do I give you my feedback or contact someone to fix the problem?

Sometimes there will be a “swap box” at your pickup site; this will be a box or grocery bag with no newsletter, and with only 1 or 2 different items in it. If you don’t like something in your share that week, you can swap it out for something in the swap box. Or, you can give that item away to a friend, neighbor or family member who will like it.

If there is an item in your share that has spoiled, please contact us as soon as possible. We want our members to be satisfied with their shares, and  will do our best to replace the item for you. If we aren’t able to do that, we can credit your account, .or provide you with something additional as a replacement.

To cancel your subscription, please visit our website and log in to your account.

To contact us about any concerns with your Beet Box, please email us at or call us at (510) 393-2541

10. How can I help Phat Beets make the Beet Box more affordable for everyone and help increase healthy food access in Oakland?

You can spread the word!!! Tell your friends and neighbors to subscribe to a Beet Box, consider hosting a pickup spot in your neighborhood, and help us grow our membership! You can also make a donation to Phat Beets at any time by visiting .