Houston Public Library

Central Library Tiered Service Guidelines

NOTE: The following tiers/guidelines are intended to serve as general guidelines.  Please use your best judgment when referring questions.  If you reach a point in an interview/discussion with a customer where you feel uncomfortable or uncertain, feel free to call for assistance.


All customer service staff (Customer Service Clerks, Library Assistants, Library Service Specialist, and Librarians) should assist with the following questions & services:


Basic informational questions:

Computer/printing/copying questions:


TIER 2  

These questions should be referred to any LSS or higher on duty on location.  

Advanced catalog or item search (if unable to locate an item or if customer needs further assistance)


Refer to Central Remote Reference or other entity for further assistance

Where more help is needed than can be offered in Tier 2, specialized information is only located at another location such as Central or HRMC, or where Tier 2 level assistance does not yield enough information.