The Headlights on the Burgman are mounted onto the Leg Shield and are held in place by a total of 6 screws. 


The headlights are sealed units and are sold as a single item and cost about $150.00 each. 


To gain access to them, you will hae to remove the following:







 Handlebar Covers

 Front Panel

 Lower Leg Shield

 Front Leg Cover

 Leg Shield





Eventhough it is not necessary to remove the  Front Box , you will nonetheless have to undo a few of the screws in order to free the Leg Shield.




Disconnect the Headlight connectors and the two wire harness connectors





Remove the 4 screws holding the Leg Shield in place.  Now you can remove the Leg Shield, be careful not to break any of the tabs that hold it in place.  Place a little bit of pressure on the edges to uncouple the Leg Shield from the Front Box.



Now you can access the Headlights from the inside of the Leg Shield.


Note:  If you plan on doing any kind of maintenance that requires you to start the scooter, you will need to plug in the

          wire harness connector, otherwise the system won't be able to complete its startup cycle and you will get a

            CHECK message on the dashboard. 

          I just pluged the two harness connectors back into place and suspended it from the frame using a zip-tie.





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