Pathfinder RPG Superstar entry: Wondrous Item

Note: this entry is not going to be submitted due to the ruling that “Spell In a Can” items will be auto-rejected. Now it’s more likely that this will show up in my home game, On Golarion’s Roads.

Gozreh’s Baresman

The baresman is a column constructed of a bundle of 21, 1 foot long wooden rods, each of which is about half the width of a human finger. While some are cylindrically composed, the more common arrangement is in a tear-drop pattern with the narrow end curved as if it were a cresting wave. The rods are bound in whichever shape by three internal lattices of intricately silvered iron bracing which equally divides the item into four segments. Each rod is made of a dark wood such as walnut, but may appear worn as if it had been in the ocean for some time.

On command, the baresman creates an orb of water once per day as per the Aqueous Orb spell (Advanced Player’s Guide), as if cast by an 11th level divine caster. Unlike the base spell, the baresman creates an orb which cannot be directed. Instead, three separate command words cause the orb to appear anywhere within 210 ft. of the user and stay for the duration; appear within 5 feet of the user and move directly away, out to its maximum range of 210 ft. where it will stop until it expires; or simply appear and churn in place.

Gozreh’s human worshipers in Garund do not typically have access to the Aqueous Orb spell, but during construction of a house of worship the high priests pray for divine blessing and will be granted this spell during the ritual creation of the relic they use to consecrate and guard the newly built temple. Priests who are capable of performing this sacred ritual are scarce and therefore only the most august temples will possess such a relic which is always kept safely hidden away until required.

Caster level: 11th

Base Cost: 1,800 (command word) x 3 (spell level) x 11 (caster level) / 5 (1 use per day) = 11,880 gp

Item Creation Feat Required: Craft Wondrous Item. Aqueous Orb spell

Skill Used In Creation: Spellcraft or an applicable Craft or Profession skill check.