African Ambassadors Project

Oral Presentation Rubric






Body Language/

Use of Visuals/


No movement or descriptive gestures. Few visuals used. Presentation does not accurately display required information.

Very little movement or descriptive gestures. Visuals are distracting or not useful. Makes attempt to demonstrate aspect of country’s culture.

Made movements or gestures that enhanced articulation. Visuals do not detract from speech. Roughly demonstrates an  aspect of country’s culture.

Movements seemed fluid and helped the audience visualize. Use of visuals enhances speech. Offers clear demonstration of country’s culture.


Eye Contact

No eye contact with audience.

Displayed minimal eye contact with audience.

Consistent use of direct eye contact with audience.

Holds attention of entire audience with the use of direct eye contact.



Delivery is either too quick or too slow to meet apportioned time interval.

Delivery is in bursts and does not meet apportioned time interval.

Delivery is patterned, but does not meet apportioned time interval.

Good use of pacing and student meets apportioned time interval.



Tension and nervousness is obvious; has trouble recovering from mistakes.

Displays mild tension; has trouble recovering from mistakes.

Makes minor mistakes, but quickly recovers from them; displays little or no tension.

Student displays relaxed, self-confident nature about self, with no mistakes.



Standard English

Consistently uses a monotone voice. Does not use Standard American English

Displays some level of inflection throughout delivery.

Tries to use Standard American English

Satisfactory use of inflection, but does not consistently use fluid speech. Mostly uses Standard American English

Use of fluid speech and inflection maintains the interest of the audience. Uses Standard American English