$10.50/HOUR, ONE YEAR COMMITMENT REQUIRED (Sept 2014-June 2015)


Description of Theatre Facility

The Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center’s theatre is a multi-purpose theatre space open to student organizations and individuals, UW departments and programs and off-campus community organizations.  The theatre accommodates theatrical performances, music, dance, film screenings, class presentations, lectures and symposiums, and other performing arts events.


Duties and Responsibilities

The Kelly  Ethnic Cultural Center (ECC) Student Theatre Technician position is a critically important element in the operation of the Kelly  Ethnic Cultural Center’s theatre.  Theatre technicians are responsible for overseeing all on-site aspects of an event and will obtain a comprehensive knowledge of Ethnic Cultural Center and Theatre facilities and operations in order to communicate with and assist renters, performers and visitors interested in ECC resources, facilities and theatrical/event capabilities.


Theatre technician work hours are not consistent from week to week—technician schedules are based on theatre reservations and rented hours; however, there are often opportunities to gain hours through regularly scheduled theatre maintenance, training and working in the ECC building.  The ECC maintains flexibility towards your academic schedules, provides technicians the opportunity to create their own schedules and work hours are scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance.


How to apply: Interested applicants must submit a hard-copy of their resume and cover letter to the Ethnic Cultural Center’s front desk.

Duties Include:


Minimum Qualifications Required

1.      Theatre lighting systems, design concepts, light board programming, presentation software programs, troubleshooting

2.      Audiovisual systems including data projectors, video and laptop signals, sound systems, proper equipment handling, equipment troubleshooting

3.      Maintenance procedures, theatre operations and facility coordination


Reports to: Coordinator, Theatre and Operations


Educational Benefits

The Theatre Technician will have the opportunity to develop problem-solving and troubleshooting skills, as well as technical skills in lighting and audiovisual systems that are transferable to many other venues and organizations. Technicians will be able to work with students, organizations and local or touring artists.  Technicians will also gain event management skills and leadership skills in a multicultural environment.