Problem of Pain by Believin Stephen on “The Suffering Servant” 

 Scratches at beginning by Average Joe

Artists sampled: Believin Stephen, Timothy Brindle, Japhia Life, Phien, Shai Linne



You’re in tune to The Suffering Servant

I made this LP cause something was burnin

Inside of me (cause) I know others are hurtin

For certain, brothers are troubled, and I’m burdened

I know you all suffer, you’re not choosin it

It’s not humerous, you’re confused wit it

But the comforts in Christ are numerous! (2 Corinthians 1:5)

So I refuse to spit bout foolishness

Depression, rejection, famine, disease

Oppression, dejection, cancerous genes

The agony and misery, scandalous deeds

In depravity, iniquity man is conceived (Psalm 51:5)

Adam in Eve, vexed in our futility

Mental disabilities, we wrestle with injury

Aggression brings rape, it’s putrid for sure

Weapons from hate, there’s rumors of wars

Katrina, Nine Eleven, I’m weepin when I mention

People got dementia; I’ll keep my mind on heaven

We’re killin our babes, revealin this age

Filled with this rage, illness and AIDS

Miserable days, some blind deaf and mute

Guys get to shoot, kids die in their youth

Racism, fake Christians, there’s genocide

Hate victims, face prison and sent to die

Conditions inflictin prescription descriptions

Afflictions, addictions, assist in conviction

Torn in a mess, from thorns in the flesh

Mourn and we stress, abortions bring death

Abnormal with breaths, asthma attacks

With scorn and contempt, get stabbed in the back

The curses alluding to earth’s pollution

The church is losin, saints- persecution

Mammis in birth pain, but miscarriaged

Tsunamis and earthquakes, it gets scary

Boys get killed, oil spills, obvious accidents

Ladies in Haiti die, but God’s compassionate!

Lonely, defeated, plus physical strain

Show me this Jesus who’s feelin our pain!

Playin the lottery but stayin in poverty

Things taken in robberies we’re prayin for God to see

The pain that it’s causin me, we scream for a while

God HAS a purpose and reason for trials

They strengthen and mold us, refined by the fire (1 Peter 1:7)

Placin our whole trust in Christ the Messiah!

This list is small there’s much more to mention

“Why do we suffer?” and those sorta questions

Will be addressed if you peep my whole album

I pray you’ll be blessed by the final outcome!