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  • COVID-19 March 23, 2020 (May 15 Update) : 2020 Frick Park Clay Court Opening postponed to Monday, June 1st, and events and formats cancelled, postponed, revised, or updated in coordination with and in support of all other Citiparks, USTA Middle States, Pgh Parks Conservancy and City of Pittsburgh events, organizations and programs.
  • On May 15, City of Pittsburgh and Parks Conservancy announced summer camps will not be allowed this summer.
  • As of June 15, PA Gov and City of Pittsburgh resumed permitting and allowing some youth and other outdoor sports, under strict covid-19 safety guidelines.

March-April-May 2020

VOLUNTEERS!! for the 2020 Season, 4 out of 6 clay courts were opened to the public by June 1st, and 2 out of 6 clay courts are under extended renovation, including landscaping until early July. We are following all City of Pgh and Pgh Parks Conservancy rules and guidelines and CDC guidelines during court prep and expect the same from all volunteers and players. Thanks all!!

June-July-August-September-October 2020


Frick Park Clay Courts are open to the public from JUNE 1st, 2020

     OPENING HOURS: weather permitting,

                    Monday to Friday 9:00am-Dusk, and

                   Saturday&Sunday 9:00am-Dusk.

                   Saturday&Sunday 8:00amam-9:00am outdoor sunrise donation yoga and clay court preparation volunteers. All are welcome! Thanks!

Singles encouraged, and Play is limited to 1 HR whenever there are other players waiting for a court. In case of rain, courts are closed, with notice posted online at and

COVID RULES: City of Pittsburgh, Parks Conservancy, USTA Middle States rules and guidelines posted at court entrance, please wear mask going to and from courts and while waiting for a court, in high traffic areas, and singles play is encouraged (2 players per court).

PRIVATE LESSONS: for juniors and adults, single households only, 9:00am-8:00pm. Please email to to inquire and book ahead. $30/hr/session. USTA safe play guidelines and mask is required (except when on opposite sides of net at least beyond service lines both players and coach).


   CLAY COURT RENOVATIONS: Court 5 and 6, two out of the six historic Frick Park Clay Courts hadextended renovation June-July 2020 by FPCCTC (court surface, court lines, watering source, perimeter landscaping and native plants), and are also ready to play on since early August 2020.

CLAY COURT MAINTENANCE: FPCCTC designated staff and volunteers are preparing the historic clay courts every morning 8am-9am before opening time, and sweep all the clay courts during and at the end of the day for players. Volunteers are welcome !

CLAY COURT GROOMING: Unlike every year since FPCCTC’s founding in 2007, due to covid-19 safety guidelines, players themselves are NOT asked to sweep the courts themselves after play. The player entrance gate is left fully open to limit shared surface contact. Frequent hand sanitizer use is encouraged and is being provided courtside for players that do not bring their own.

COURTSIDE DONATIONS and SUSTAINABILITY and INITIATIVES: For a DONATION of $10 payable to FPCCTC - no contact Credit Card , no cash - courtside only - receive either a carton case of no-plastic, longer lasting, waste reducing Wilson Trinity Balls or a selection of Babolat Eco-Refill no-plastic Orange/Green Dot balls. Tennis players CAN also contribute to a healthier ecosystem! Saturdays&Sundays 8am-9am outdoor sunrise yoga in partnership with local instructors from The Om Lounge in East Liberty.

To be announced:

New 2020 MEMBERSHIP and FUNDRAISING DRIVE: to be announced soon.


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