# Use Xft?

use_xft yes

xftfont DejaVu Sans:size=8

xftalpha 0.8

color0 FFFFFF

color1 FCAF3E

text_buffer_size 2048

# Update interval in seconds

update_interval 1

# This is the number of times Conky will update before quitting.

# Set to zero to run forever.

total_run_times 0

# Create own window instead of using desktop (required in nautilus)

own_window yes

own_window_transparent yes

own_window_type override

#own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager

# Use double buffering (reduces flicker, may not work for everyone)

double_buffer yes

# Minimum size of text area

minimum_size 180 0

maximum_width 200

# Draw shades?

draw_shades no

# Draw outlines?

draw_outline no

# Draw borders around text

draw_borders no

# Stippled borders?

stippled_borders 0

# border margins

border_margin 5

# border width

border_width 1

# Default colors and also border colors

default_color black

#default_shade_color black

#default_outline_color white

own_window_colour white

# Text alignment, other possible values are commented

#alignment top_left

alignment top_right

#alignment bottom_left

#alignment bottom_right

# Gap between borders of screen and text

# same thing as passing -x at command line

gap_x 5

gap_y 35

# Subtract file system buffers from used memory?

no_buffers yes

# set to yes if you want all text to be in uppercase

uppercase no

# number of cpu samples to average

# set to 1 to disable averaging

cpu_avg_samples 2

# number of net samples to average

# set to 1 to disable averaging

net_avg_samples 2

# Force UTF8? note that UTF8 support required XFT

override_utf8_locale yes

# Add spaces to keep things from moving about?  This only affects certain objects.

use_spacer none


DATA E HORA    ${hr 2}

${voffset -8}${goto 28}${font :style=Bold:size=46}${color}${time %H}${color}${font}${voffset -36}${font :style=Bold:size=13}${color}${time :%M}${time :%S}${color}${font}

${voffset -2}${goto 112}${font :style=Bold:size=12}${color}${time %A}${color}${font}

${goto 112}${time %d %b %Y}

# DATA ${hr 2}

# ${alignc 35}${font :style=Bold:size=26}${time %H:%M}${font}

# ${alignc}${time %A %d %B %Y}

CALENDÁRIO    ${hr 2}

${font DejaVu Sans:pixelsize=12:style=Bold}${alignc}${execi 60 date +"%B %Y" | tr "[:lower:]" "[:upper:]"}${font Snap.se:size=8 }${font}

${font DejaVu Sans Mono:size=10}${execpi 60 cal | sed '1d' | sed '3d' | sed '2d' | sed '2d' | sed '2d' | sed '2d' | sed '2d' | sed 's/^/${alignc} /'}${font}

${font DejaVu Sans Mono:size=10}${execpi 60 DJS=`date +%_d`; cal | sed '1d' | sed '/./!d' | sed 's/$/                    /' | fold -w 21 | sed -n '/^.\{21\}/p' | sed 's/^/${alignc} /' | sed /" $DJS "/s/" $DJS "/" "'${color}''${font DejaVu Sans Mono:style=bold:size=10}'"$DJS"'${color}''${font DejaVu Sans Mono:size=10}'" "/}${font}

SISTEMA    ${hr 2}

${execi 1000 cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep 'model name' | sed -e 's/model name.*: //'}

CPU1: ${color3}${execi 4 sensors | grep -A 0 'Core 0' | cut -c15-18}ºC ${alignr}${color2}${cpu cpu1}% ${cpubar cpu1 8,60}

CPU2: ${color3}${execi 4 sensors | grep -A 0 'Core 1' | cut -c15-18}ºC ${alignr}${color2}${cpu cpu2}% ${cpubar cpu2 8,60}

# Temperatura do sistema: ${alignr}${hwmon 0 temp 1}°C

Tempo ligado: ${alignr}${uptime}

Kernel: ${alignr}${kernel}

Root: ${fs_used /}/${fs_size /} ${alignr}${fs_bar 7,55 /}

Home: ${fs_used /home}/${fs_size /home} ${alignr}${fs_bar 7,50 /home}

RAM: $memperc% ${alignr}${membar 8,60}

SWAP: $swapperc% ${alignr}${swapbar 8,60}


${font}${voffset -2}Processos: ${font}${color}${processes}${color}${alignr}${font}Em execução: ${font}${color}${running_processes}${color}

${top_mem name 1}${alignr}${top_mem mem 1}

${top_mem name 2}${alignr}${top_mem mem 2}

${top_mem name 3}${alignr}${top_mem mem 3}

${top_mem name 4}${alignr}${top_mem mem 4}

NOTAS ${hr 2}

# sudo service gdm restart

sudo apt-get

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

sudo poweroff

sudo service lightdm restart

# zoom: tecla super + scroll

# Alt + SysRq + B

# Alt + SysRq + O

Control + Alt + Backspace

REDE    ${hr 2}

${if_existing /proc/net/route wlan0}

Up: ${upspeed wlan0} kb/s ${alignr}${upspeedgraph wlan0 8,60 F57900 FCAF3E}

Down: ${downspeed wlan0} kb/s ${alignr}${downspeedgraph wlan0 8,60 F57900 FCAF3E}

Upload: ${alignr}${totalup wlan0}

Download: ${alignr}${totaldown wlan0}

Sinal: ${wireless_link_qual wlan0}% ${alignr}${wireless_link_bar 8,60 wlan0}

Ip Local: ${alignr}${addr wlan0}

${else}${if_existing /proc/net/route eth0}

Up: ${upspeed eth0} kb/s ${alignr}${upspeedgraph eth0 8,60 F57900 FCAF3E}

Down: ${downspeed eth0} kb/s ${alignr}${downspeedgraph eth0 8,60 F57900 FCAF3E}

Upload: ${alignr}${totalup eth0}

Download: ${alignr}${totaldown eth0}

Ip Local: ${alignr}${addr eth0}

${endif}${else}${if_existing /proc/net/route eth1}

Up: ${upspeed eth1} kb/s ${alignr}${upspeedgraph eth1 8,60 F57900 FCAF3E}

Down: ${downspeed eth1} kb/s ${alignr}${downspeedgraph eth1 8,60 F57900 FCAF3E}

Upload: ${alignr}${totalup eth1}

Download: ${alignr}${totaldown eth1}

Ip Local: ${alignr}${addr eth1}


Up: ${upspeed ppp0} kb/s ${alignr}${upspeedgraph ppp0 8,60 F57900 FCAF3E}

Down: ${downspeed ppp0} kb/s ${alignr}${downspeedgraph ppp0 8,60 F57900 FCAF3E}

Upload: ${alignr}${totalup ppp0}

Download: ${alignr}${totaldown ppp0}

Ip Local: ${alignr}${addr ppp0}