[instr break]

Spent ten years in graduate school (C ) Learning stuff that sound pretty cool (- G)

Looked around the other day (A7) Saw that I was old and grey (D7)

Never thought my hold career (C7) would be working as a defense engineer (G E7)

Now I don’t want to study (Am7) war no (D7) more (G)

So I think I’m gonna find a farm, where I won’t nobody harm

I’ll find out what the heck’s a plowshare and stop *writing AI software


Gonna find a new career they can find another engineer, Ain’t gonna study war no more


I guess I never saw the point of watching all that powerpoint

I always got things done it never seemed like too much fun


(So I) *think I’m gonna learn to dance (once I) *give back all my Darpa grants

I think I’ll call my job (and tell them) give my window cube to Rob



And I guess I’ll just forget C++ and .NET , I’ll just let it go, and learn to take it slow


Maybe I could join a band, heck I got a million plans,

Maybe *I’ll stop by at work, and tell the boss that he’s a jerk



Iead into ain’t gonna study war no more ..

… ain’t gonna conduct code reviews for war

… ain’t gonna re-invent the future of war

.. ain’t gonna summarize the outcome of logistic mission planning and battle-readiness scenarios for war

© William W. Cohen 2015