Don’t worry, this will not be graded, it is to help me see where you are at. But as always try your best.

Throughout the period record the following scores:

Heart Rate

After your first song ____________ BPM (beats per minute)

After second song_______________BPM

After third song _________________BPM


Accuracy score after first song _________

Accuracy score after second song __________

Accuracy score after third song _________

Please See Back of Sheet


  1. How well do you feel you performed today? Did you have correct rhythm? How accurate?

  1. Do you feel you got a good work out from today’s activities? Explain your answer.

  1. Circle one of the following:

Today my groups and I worked….

Really Well Together                        Okay Together                Not Well at All

  1. Please list the three cues we emphasized in class today,  pertaining to reaction time?