Club Sports Handbook 2013-2014

Important Numbers

Semester Documentation Checklist

Annual Calendar of Events

Club Sports Handbook Table of Contents

Section 1: Administration (whole section)

Forming a Club Sport *entire document is NOT part of Admin section

Club Sports Mission Statement/Introduction

Club Sports Organization. Administration and Resources to Clubs

Safe Place (Anti-discriminatory and Trans-inclusive) Statement and Explanation

Club Sports Board (CSB)/CSAC

Membership - Who is Eligible to be part of a Club Sport

Roster Verification

Semester Grade Check

Constitution and Bylaws (includes sample)

Responsibilities of Club Officers

Expectations of a Club Sport

Reactivating a Club Sport

Recruitment Events

Section 2: Club Sports Tier System

Section 3: Risk Management (entire section)

Health & Safety Guidelines/Requirements/Insurance & Risk Awareness/On-Campus Physicals

American Red Cross Certifications

Athletic Training Coverage

Club Risk Levels by Tiers

First Aid Kits

Safety Officer Description


Severe Weather Procedures & Shelters on Campus

Concussion Protocol & Fact Sheet

Section 4: Conduct (entire section)

Includes Information regarding Alcoholic Beverages/Illegal Substances, Hazing, Facebook/Twitter, and Discipline Process

Section 5: Travel Paperwork Section

Travel Guidelines/Getting Started

Eligibility/Roster Verification

Airline Tickets

Rental Vehicles (includes cost/location/requirements)

New as of 1/13 Vehicle Driving Quiz (mandatory for drivers)



Class Absence Form


Injuries Off Campus

Section 6: Financial Forms & Policies (entire section)


Concealing Personal Information

Travel Paperwork (financial)

Reimbursement (A114, A113)/Coaches Payment

Financial Transaction Request (PO, P-card, check) (payments upfront and to officials/leagues)

Tournament Entry/League Fees

Officials’ Payment

Loss of Funds

Additional Funding Request

Tax ID/Tax Exempt Status

Off Campus Bank Account


Invoice Template

Section 7: Budget Process & Funding (entire section)

Funding (what can CSB Account be used for)

Fundraising, Donations, & Sponsorship

Club Sports Allocation Committee

Club Sports Budget Appropriation Process

Additional Funding Request

Fundraising Ideas

Section 8: Branding Guidelines

Section includes “How to License Job Aid” & Sponsorship Information

Section 9: Recognition (CSI)

Web Link to End of the Year Process for Recognition

Section 10: Facilities Space and Hosting Event Information (entire section)

Facilities on Campus (Expectations) & Reserving Space:

- Athletic Facilities

- TUC & Academic Buildings (Meeting Spaces)

- Campus Recreation Center

- Field on UC Blue Ash Campus

Non-UC Affiliated Rentals

Event Information as Hosts (Information and Checklist)

Receipt Template

Section 11: Advertising Resources for Clubs (entire section)

Section includes Posting Flyers Around Campus & TUC/SALD Resources for Marketing (Window, Web, & Social Media)

As always, if you have any feedback or the need for additional resources that should be in this manual, please contact the Program Coordinator of Club Sports – Susie Mahoney at or 6-6121.