How the Maritime Mentoring Community Works

Welcome Maritime Mentors and Proteges (those who wish to have a mentor).

The goals of this site are as follows:

  1. To allow maritime mentors to make themselves available to proteges
  2. To make it easy for proteges to find a suitable mentor
  3. To facilitate communications between mentors and proteges.
  4. To allow general questions, answers, discussions and connections among people working in the industry, or wishing to do so.

In order to get started, all proteges should read the “Proteges: Read Me First” page found on the site homepage. If you are a mentor, then please read the “Mentors: Read Me First” page also found on the homepage.

For Proteges: Finding a Mentor

In order to find a mentor, you should click the “Find a Mentor” icon found on the homepage. There you will be asked what you are looking for in a mentor. The system will use your answers to recommend matching potential mentors.

If you see someone you think will make a good mentor, then you should send them a message and introduce yourself - indicating your desire to have them mentor you. If they agree, then they will invite you to join their mentoring group - an area where your mentor and his or her other proteges can connect, share documents, ask questions, discuss, etc. You and your mentor are free to interact any way that works for the two of you (phone, e-mail, Skype, in-person, etc). But keep in mind that if you do so within the context of your mentor’s group discussion area, then your comments and your mentors comments will be available for others to see and learn from.

For Mentors: Adopting a Protege

When a protege connects with you asking to mentor them, you will want to determine whether you think there is a good fit. Feel free to ask them questions and get to know them (and their goals) before deciding to adopt them as a protege.

If you decide to mentor them, then ask them to join your mentoring group. When you register as a mentor, the site automatically creates a mentoring group for you. You can find this group by clicking “My Groups” on the right hand side of the homepage.  All your proteges should join this group. You are then free to communicate with your protege any way that works for the two of you.

For Mentors and Proteges: Using the System

The site is meant to support one-on-one mentor-protege relationships, group mentoring (one mentor who communicates with all of his or her proteges as a group), or peer mentoring and discussion where people can ask the community at large any question they may have. It is up to you how you want to use the site.

Likewise, you can connect with your mentor, proteges and peers any way you like. You can use the discussion area within your mentor’s group, you can communicate with other site members using the discussion tab on the homepage, you can send private messages to individual members, or you can communicate outside the mentoring site using the telephone, skype, or whatever works for you. There is no wrong way to use the site, as long as you use it to learn, and are respectful of all members on the site.

Having said that, if you have something to say which is not private, I encourage you to use the discussion areas. This way, all members will be able to benefit from your question or answer. Over time, we will build a wonderful resource containing the collective wisdom of you - the members.

For everyone: This is Your Site

Have fun, connect with others, learn, advise, and share. Be respectful, and be grateful that the mentors are providing their time, free of charge, to give back to the maritime community. Thanks to all of you for being here.

Murray Goldberg

CEO - Marine Learning Systems