Invitation from filigreeingrid: Join chat hosted by meebo!

OneRei: (10:25:42 PM) Hi, hon!

filigreeingrid: (10:26:01 PM) Hey there, how are you doing?

Ren 54m4: (10:26:29 PM) o hai... just got back from making tea  ^^;

filigreeingrid: (10:27:21 PM) it's good, I just opened the chat

OneRei: (10:27:48 PM) Meh. I think I'll live. I wanted to be on sooner, but I got caught up in laundry. How are we all?

Ren 54m4: (10:27:58 PM) sick as a dog!  

Ren 54m4: (10:28:12 PM) but, there is tea  <3

filigreeingrid: (10:28:19 PM) taking care of yourself?

OneRei: (10:28:37 PM) Aw! Damn, did you catch this year's end of winter crud?

Ren 54m4: (10:28:41 PM) i'm trying, i really am, but my stupid body is not playing along

Ren 54m4: (10:29:01 PM) i don't even know.  i think it's bronchitis.  what with both sides of the family being prone to it

OneRei: (10:29:07 PM) Hi, Alyss!

AlysHeart: (10:29:16 PM) Hello! ^^

Ren 54m4: (10:29:20 PM) ahoy there

filigreeingrid: (10:29:38 PM) If it is bronchitis, hope you get azithromyacin >>

OneRei: (10:29:47 PM) Hmm... If you don't think you're currently pregnant and can use it sparingly, pennyroyal tea might help.

Ren 54m4: (10:30:09 PM) oh lordy no.  azithromycin makes me vomit like even exorcists never see

filigreeingrid: (10:30:24 PM) aw =/ that stuff is saintly for me

Ren 54m4: (10:31:05 PM) what i need more than anything is sleep, srsly.  lack of it is how i get sick in the first place  

AlysHeart: (10:31:14 PM) sleep is good!

Ren 54m4: (10:31:44 PM) sleep is the best 

OneRei: (10:32:34 PM) I highly encourage this "sleep" of which you speak. I myself will be popping a Unisom after this and lulling myself to sleep with my GesMa and Coppelia apps.

filigreeingrid: (10:33:01 PM) GesMa? Coppelia? <3 <3 <3

Ren 54m4: (10:34:46 PM) i'm secretly hoping you're devising new/different attacks for Quartz

OneRei: (10:34:59 PM) Yup, I'm apping Saturn, because I know I would SUCK as Moon. The trouble is, I'm worried I'm veering too close to making a Chloe clone.

filigreeingrid: (10:35:27 PM) we have two or three people looking at Moon right now anyhow ^^;

OneRei: (10:35:28 PM) As to Quartz, I'm trying. I've been having the most fun on her appearance and Golems.

filigreeingrid: (10:35:39 PM) yaaay

OneRei: (10:35:44 PM) How many taking aim at Sat?

filigreeingrid: (10:35:52 PM) none!

OneRei: (10:36:06 PM) Quartz=Cosmetic Scarification FTW!

filigreeingrid: (10:36:15 PM) If you have the chance, you should read A Kiss In Time. It's a good retelling

filigreeingrid: (10:36:16 PM) oooo

OneRei: (10:36:19 PM) Really? *rubs hands* Eeeeeeexcellent.

AlysHeart: (10:36:24 PM) Ah, so there's more than one. XD; ... And yay Quartz!

filigreeingrid: (10:36:30 PM) IF IT HELPS

filigreeingrid: (10:36:38 PM) there's always someone looking at that slot

filigreeingrid: (10:36:47 PM) but the apps we see are few

Ren 54m4: (10:36:48 PM) fwiw, guys, i don't even know what GesMastands for.  i'll be lost for at least half the conversation

filigreeingrid: (10:36:55 PM) It's my RPG

filigreeingrid: (10:37:05 PM) Gespiegelte Märchen

OneRei: (10:37:06 PM) If I get the chance. I'm taking a lot of inspiration from the fact that I just re-read a bio of Marie Antoinette.

filigreeingrid: (10:37:16 PM) I'm poking at Topaz, but I'm trying to behave for now

filigreeingrid: (10:37:26 PM) LOL that should be interesting

OneRei: (10:37:30 PM) Whaddya mean behave? Why?

filigreeingrid: (10:37:40 PM) because I have a lot of rpg stuff on my plate

AlysHeart: (10:37:51 PM) Ah, k. Well, still. XD; ... Oooh, more Coppelias! ^_^v

Ren 54m4: (10:37:53 PM) one thing i'm still wondering, Brenna-chan, is why you used garnet instead of ruby

filigreeingrid: (10:38:00 PM) once we get Arcadia more stable, it'll be good

OneRei: (10:38:10 PM) Imagine Marie Therese with a mild case of River-Tam-brain.

filigreeingrid: (10:38:32 PM) ahahaha

filigreeingrid: (10:38:41 PM)

OneRei: (10:38:50 PM) Because I didn't want t be accused of ripping off the old Missing Shard game. And Garnet is a darker stone.

Ren 54m4: (10:39:13 PM) okay. . . i don't know that game, either  ^^;

OneRei: (10:39:36 PM) It's an old game that died a rather sad death. Not with a bang, but a whimper.

OneRei: (10:39:57 PM) I played their Sailor Nike for all of a bout 10 minutes.

filigreeingrid: (10:40:11 PM) dude, Brenna XD

Ren 54m4: (10:40:15 PM) man, i know that sad feeling  

OneRei: (10:40:22 PM) Oh, and here's a meta-planning post.

AlysHeart: (10:40:22 PM) Wow ^^;;;

OneRei: (10:40:24 PM)

filigreeingrid: (10:40:24 PM) gemstones are a staple of Sailormoon

filigreeingrid: (10:40:40 PM) I think Ruby, Sapphire, etc, is okay

OneRei: (10:41:08 PM) I know, I know, but, damn it, I wanted to sound like I was at least pretending to be original! XD

Ren 54m4: (10:41:17 PM) i'm happy with garnet!  garnets are sexy

OneRei: (10:41:32 PM) And I was rather proud of Lapis!

AlysHeart: (10:41:39 PM) Mhm! ^^

filigreeingrid: (10:41:49 PM) okay!

OneRei: (10:42:19 PM) Mm. Vanity Fair Soundtrack is made of win.

Ren 54m4: (10:42:58 PM) re: meta-planning post: how long can we have Phoebe earnestly insisting that Adonis is the real princess who desperately needs a rescue?   X3

OneRei: (10:43:06 PM) Okay, so, there's been some confusion about jurisdiction. Is there anything else that needs clearing up?

AlysHeart: (10:43:14 PM) Phoebe thinks Adonis is dead

Ren 54m4: (10:43:20 PM) oh bugger

OneRei: (10:43:28 PM) Hm. Let's see...

AlysHeart: (10:43:34 PM) And she may well be depending on who apps her

filigreeingrid: (10:43:34 PM) well, Kol isn't around?

Ren 54m4: (10:43:49 PM) crush my attempts at humor, whydon'tcha

AlysHeart: (10:43:56 PM) (I think we left it to the player of Adonis as to what happened).

AlysHeart: (10:44:04 PM) Ah, sorry! ^^;;;

OneRei: (10:44:14 PM) Adonis is still out of the picture, so it won't matter much. But the first time she transforms, her cover is teh blown.

Ren 54m4: (10:44:18 PM) XD  you're making me imagine Adonis, now, encased in very sexy crystal

filigreeingrid: (10:44:40 PM) I thought Adonis was with Sin?

OneRei: (10:44:48 PM) Ooh! Yes! Like Tux in the SMR movie. With hot yaoi overtones!

filigreeingrid: (10:44:58 PM) playing the part of Phoebe until Phoebe could be found

AlysHeart: (10:45:07 PM) Oh, did we make it official that she was?

filigreeingrid: (10:45:40 PM) that's what I knew was going on last, I think it's on the timeline @_@

AlysHeart: (10:45:56 PM) No worries! I missed that, I'm sorry ^^;;;

filigreeingrid: (10:46:26 PM) lol no one knows what's going on XD

AlysHeart: (10:46:30 PM) I somehow had it in my head we'd left it to the player. ^^;;

AlysHeart: (10:46:34 PM) XD

Ren 54m4: (10:46:43 PM) which characters are being re-cast?

OneRei: (10:47:12 PM) Adonis and Quartz

filigreeingrid: (10:47:45 PM) Well, the exact situation is up to the player?

OneRei: (10:47:48 PM) Herc is still open, as are pretty well all the Coppelias.

filigreeingrid: (10:48:00 PM) Like, whether Adonis chose to stay behind or was accidentally left behind

AlysHeart: (10:48:14 PM) Right!

filigreeingrid: (10:48:27 PM) so Adonis may have intentionally sacrificed herself, or has an axe to grind

OneRei: (10:48:32 PM) Or got grabbed and nobody had time to yoink her back.

Ren 54m4: (10:48:37 PM) intriguey

OneRei: (10:48:48 PM) YAY! Intrigue!

AlysHeart: (10:48:56 PM) Would Sin coppelia her up? Or not bother since she's not the real princess?

filigreeingrid: (10:49:08 PM) Sin's waiting until she's older

filigreeingrid: (10:49:28 PM) better compatibility when you don't have to worry about growth spurts

Ren 54m4: (10:49:33 PM) i can see her making use of a convincing fake to continue her propaganda reign

OneRei: (10:49:50 PM) That's right. It's like point shoes. Let the bones finish growing before you pulverize them into a bloody mess.

filigreeingrid: (10:49:57 PM) yes XD

Ren 54m4: (10:50:03 PM) "See, she hasn't sided with dissident elements at all!  She's right here with her lovin' auntie!"

filigreeingrid: (10:50:08 PM) not to mention the brain doesn't finish developing until you're 25

filigreeingrid: (10:50:17 PM) LOL yes

AlysHeart: (10:50:23 PM) Yes XD

OneRei: (10:50:36 PM) Best make sure that fake has a flexible dermis for all that cheek pinching.

OneRei: (10:51:41 PM) "Such a good, sweet niece!" *RIP* "Drat. Call maintenance. Her face fell off. AGAIN."

filigreeingrid: (10:51:58 PM) omg Repo flashbacks :c

OneRei: (10:52:38 PM) YES!

Ren 54m4: (10:52:44 PM) meh, if she breaks, they can just dress up a Grigori as Phoebe.

OneRei: (10:52:51 PM) LOL

AlysHeart: (10:52:54 PM) XD

filigreeingrid: (10:53:08 PM) oh, btw, more updates:

filigreeingrid: (10:53:23 PM) which don't really effect anyone but Phoebe, but Brenna said I could share XD

Ren 54m4: (10:53:27 PM) oh no, googledocs....

AlysHeart: (10:53:34 PM) Right! XD

Ren 54m4: (10:53:57 PM) oh, this looks like a cool & useful list

filigreeingrid: (10:54:12 PM) almost all the names are epithets for Selene or Artemis

Ren 54m4: (10:54:37 PM) no references to Diana, huh?

filigreeingrid: (10:54:52 PM) I love the idea of the Serenity I, II, III etc, but we don't know if Princess Serenity's mom/Queen Serenity was the first or fiftieth

Ren 54m4: (10:55:14 PM) she was. . . the blinth

filigreeingrid: (10:55:19 PM) yes, exactly

filigreeingrid: (10:55:44 PM) and I have yet to track down a list of the menae

OneRei: (10:55:51 PM) They probably switched to a new dynasty with the whole "Neo-Queen" bit.

Ren 54m4: (10:55:52 PM) she was a number made up by aliens

filigreeingrid: (10:55:58 PM) ( Selene's fifty daughters )

Ren 54m4: (10:56:02 PM) you know those odango were just to hide antennae, anyway

filigreeingrid: (10:56:08 PM) fo' sho'

AlysHeart: (10:56:20 PM) lol XD

filigreeingrid: (10:56:21 PM) well, and then when Chibiusa became Queen, it's be like... what

OneRei: (10:56:22 PM) *snerk*

filigreeingrid: (10:56:26 PM) Queen Small Lady Serenity

filigreeingrid: (10:56:34 PM) dignified

OneRei: (10:57:03 PM) At that point, it was probably a case of "you gave her HOW MUCH MORPHINE!?"

filigreeingrid: (10:57:19 PM) YES

Ren 54m4: (10:57:27 PM) three generations later:  HRH Queen Cutie-Pie Dimplebutt

AlysHeart: (10:57:34 PM) XDDD

OneRei: (10:57:51 PM) Like the girl in my school choir named, bless her, "Charm"

filigreeingrid: (10:58:06 PM) I'd prefer Charm

filigreeingrid: (10:58:09 PM) people can spell Charm

OneRei: (10:58:29 PM) Yes, except the Law of Virtue Naming applied.

OneRei: (10:58:41 PM) She was like a gator with a toothache.

Ren 54m4: (10:58:51 PM) i worked for a while with a girl called Diamond.  she must have been tough

OneRei: (11:00:52 PM) I somehow got lucky. My name means Raven and I do have dark hair. As opposed to my brother Kiernan ("Dark"), who is as blond as the day is long, and the baby, Bradan ("Salmon")

filigreeingrid: (11:01:25 PM) LOOOL

filigreeingrid: (11:01:39 PM) my name means uh

filigreeingrid: (11:02:02 PM) what was it again

filigreeingrid: (11:02:05 PM) Chief hill

filigreeingrid: (11:02:17 PM) + son of the charioteer

filigreeingrid: (11:02:38 PM) ( my parents didn't know it was a boy's name when they named me )

Ren 54m4: (11:03:25 PM) mine means Grace.  i had to live up to that

Ren 54m4: (11:03:32 PM) still do, in some ways

OneRei: (11:03:54 PM) My mother wanted to give me my father's name. He wouldn't hear of it. Just sat up at midnight one night and said, "It's A Girl and Her Name's Gonna Be Brenna." And would brook no argument.

filigreeingrid: (11:04:08 PM) LOLOL

Ren 54m4: (11:04:12 PM) cool  

filigreeingrid: (11:04:28 PM) my name sounds like something from Pern

filigreeingrid: (11:04:34 PM) or a Tolkien book

OneRei: (11:04:41 PM) Ah, see, one of my middle names is Grace. I'm graceful like a rhino on crutches.

Ren 54m4: (11:05:00 PM) i can do things in high heels that make Kol-chan wish death on me.

Ren 54m4: (11:05:17 PM) but she can actually ride horseback, i meancome on   

filigreeingrid: (11:05:30 PM) english or western saddle <<

OneRei: (11:05:31 PM) If I could death-glare you through the internets.

Ren 54m4: (11:05:54 PM) i'm guessing western?  no idea, actually

filigreeingrid: (11:06:01 PM) probably western then >>

OneRei: (11:06:24 PM) I dance burlesque and heels are still considered a "work hazard" for me.

filigreeingrid: (11:06:36 PM) heels are a work hazard for EVERYONE

filigreeingrid: (11:06:45 PM) ahahaha I took Sage horseback riding when she was visiting, and she thought about a wild west version of YGO most of the time

Ren 54m4: (11:06:56 PM) just keep in mind that i am the sort of person who considers two years of dedicated practice "not very long"

filigreeingrid: (11:07:26 PM) Alyss, what are you awesome  at <3

AlysHeart: (11:08:14 PM) Umm ... XD

Ren 54m4: (11:08:54 PM) i see, you're having trouble narrowing it down  


AlysHeart: (11:09:21 PM) Haha, nah ... I'm just kind of good at a bunch of little things XD

filigreeingrid: (11:10:04 PM) *high fives*

AlysHeart: (11:10:19 PM) ^_^v

filigreeingrid: (11:10:31 PM) I am with you there. XD

Ren 54m4: (11:10:42 PM) well, pick one-!  or two

AlysHeart: (11:11:19 PM) I can write fairly well! XD

filigreeingrid: (11:11:33 PM) we knew that :p

Ren 54m4: (11:11:34 PM) *applauds*  there we go

filigreeingrid: (11:11:38 PM) something we don't know

filigreeingrid: (11:11:43 PM) like uh

Ren 54m4: (11:11:54 PM) she's secretly Lisa Simpson

filigreeingrid: (11:12:00 PM) I use to figure skate competitively!

Ren 54m4: (11:12:07 PM) oh, cool!

filigreeingrid: (11:12:24 PM) LOL I got too tall ;_;

AlysHeart: (11:12:29 PM) Oooh, wow ^^

filigreeingrid: (11:12:33 PM) it's bad when you're the tallest member in the club at 12

Ren 54m4: (11:12:35 PM) what, srsly?  you can be too tall for that?

AlysHeart: (11:12:36 PM) I didn't know you could be too tall

filigreeingrid: (11:12:38 PM) oh yeah

Ren 54m4: (11:12:51 PM) oh snap, you'll have to go into modeling

filigreeingrid: (11:12:53 PM) It's like gymnastics

filigreeingrid: (11:12:58 PM) I'm too short! ;_;

Ren 54m4: (11:13:04 PM) *facepalm*

filigreeingrid: (11:13:07 PM) I topped out at 5'9"

filigreeingrid: (11:13:41 PM) everyone wants models (and Rockettes!) that are at least 5'10"

Ren 54m4: (11:14:09 PM) let them manufacture Coppelias, then

filigreeingrid: (11:14:14 PM) for reals

AlysHeart: (11:14:20 PM) mhm!

filigreeingrid: (11:14:31 PM) though

filigreeingrid: (11:14:33 PM) *shifty eyes*

filigreeingrid: (11:14:39 PM) they already may have started doing that

Ren 54m4: (11:15:40 PM) i had a sci-fi venue once where you couldn't be a professional model unless you were at least twins, and your twin wanted to be a model also.  oh, and drop-dead gorgeous, of course

filigreeingrid: (11:15:51 PM) what

AlysHeart: (11:15:55 PM) O.o

Ren 54m4: (11:16:12 PM) the more successful models were triplets

filigreeingrid: (11:16:12 PM) oh, fictional

filigreeingrid: (11:16:14 PM) derp

AlysHeart: (11:16:17 PM) Ahhh, k

Ren 54m4: (11:18:37 PM) meanwhile, i think i can just make out the topic with my spyglass....        X3

OneRei: (11:20:51 PM) Okay so...

OneRei: (11:21:36 PM) Ren, do you have any plot ideas? and do you still want to do the Home Alone plot?

Ren 54m4: (11:22:40 PM) not at present, and yeah, i'm up to it

OneRei: (11:22:50 PM) Okay, neato!

Ren 54m4: (11:23:44 PM) i'm not very clear just now, however, on the new circumstances surrounding Veles' discovery in teh Gloriana

filigreeingrid: (11:24:26 PM) I don't see why he still can't be discovered there?

filigreeingrid: (11:24:43 PM) Phia might find him, and Pwyll was the most convenient doctor

AlysHeart: (11:24:43 PM) Yep, Phoebe just won't be there this time around

filigreeingrid: (11:25:03 PM) she's getting "music lessons", nudge nudge wink wink

OneRei: (11:25:04 PM) Well, for one thing, they're going to step up efforts to search the place and make sure nobody else is hiding there. They might still miss people, it's a big damn ship.

AlysHeart: (11:25:18 PM) XDDDD

Ren 54m4: (11:25:36 PM) oh boy, i wonder how many old booby traps they'll "find"  X3

filigreeingrid: (11:27:17 PM) .. I'm just glad my DnD GM isn't here to write up the traps

OneRei: (11:27:28 PM) "What happened to you?" "Veles, if you're going to do things with a Jack in the box and a motion sensor that would make a Space Marine cry, YOU HAVE TO FREAKING WARN US. Nice job on that, btw."

Invitation from Ren 54m4: Chat Invitation.

OneRei: (11:29:11 PM) ARGH

AlysHeart: (11:29:15 PM) WB!

Ren 54m4: (11:29:17 PM) wb!

Ren 54m4: (11:33:21 PM) what was i gonna say... i won't get plot ideas until i know who's in the game, & where they are, etc.

Ren 54m4: (11:33:23 PM) if ever

Ren 54m4: (11:33:56 PM) you will just have to content yourself with cartoons until then

OneRei: (11:34:10 PM) Gotcha. Though the cartoons are nifty.

AlysHeart: (11:35:11 PM) I think everyone's locations are still the same except for Phoebe and Adonis (who no longer has a player) ... and Phoebe is with Vaness now at the Owl & Pussycat. ^^;;

Ren 54m4: (11:35:43 PM) is she employed there, or just lying low?

OneRei: (11:35:53 PM) Are any of you going to be on tomorrow?

AlysHeart: (11:36:06 PM) lying low ... she actually works during the day at a newspaper.

AlysHeart: (11:36:12 PM) yep! I should be here.

OneRei: (11:36:19 PM) EEE! Newsies!

Ren 54m4: (11:36:34 PM) yeah, i'm not going anywhere for a while  =___=

OneRei: (11:37:14 PM) *hugs Ren*

Ren 54m4: (11:37:26 PM) danke  ^__^

filigreeingrid: (11:37:33 PM) I'll be on XD

filigreeingrid: (11:37:41 PM) sorry, needed drinkie

AlysHeart: (11:37:55 PM) Actually, here's what I have of Phoebe 2.0 if you want to take a look:

filigreeingrid: (11:37:56 PM) well, right now Angie, Sage and I are working on the one story

filigreeingrid: (11:38:16 PM) and at some point, Phoebe and Vaness are going to have to go into hiding on the Gloriana, yes?

Ren 54m4: (11:38:29 PM) ... yeah, googledocs won't let me see that one

OneRei: (11:38:31 PM) Okay, cool, because I'm getting sleepy, damnit. *glares at Mr. 3 AM Wake Up... And the husband with the new job with stupid hours.

filigreeingrid: (11:38:38 PM) ew :c

AlysHeart: (11:38:45 PM)

AlysHeart: (11:38:56 PM) Try that .... the other link was a link for editing

Ren 54m4: (11:38:58 PM) that's visible!  danke

AlysHeart: (11:40:03 PM) Pretty much all that I have to finish is the personality and you can get an idea of that from the doc Ingrid's working on for the site.

Ren 54m4: (11:40:47 PM) on one hand, Veles is still lamenting that she's 17, and so nearly grown up

Ren 54m4: (11:41:01 PM) on the other hand, he can torment just that many more of her suitors

AlysHeart: (11:41:14 PM) Yes! XDDD

AlysHeart: (11:41:22 PM) And they can still have tea! <3

OneRei: (11:42:08 PM) Awwww!

Ren 54m4: (11:42:27 PM) "Before you can address Miss Phoebe, you must defeat Toddlerpede.  Go!"

Ren 54m4: (11:43:28 PM) Toddlerpede:  HISSSSS   >@_ _@<

AlysHeart: (11:43:32 PM) XDDD

OneRei: (11:44:01 PM) WIN!

AlysHeart: (11:44:03 PM) "... But I like this one! Does he really have to fight Toddlerpede?"

filigreeingrid: (11:44:18 PM) Vaness: YES

AlysHeart: (11:44:26 PM) ;_______;

AlysHeart: (11:44:36 PM) "ohhh-kay" ;____;

Ren 54m4: (11:45:22 PM) Phoebe does not know how Toddlerpedelurves those tea parties

OneRei: (11:45:24 PM) Phia: "And if he lays a finger on you, he's getting a round of rock salt where the sun don't shine."

Ren 54m4: (11:45:44 PM) whoa.  i read that as a "pound," at first

OneRei: (11:46:02 PM) Even better!

AlysHeart: (11:46:17 PM) "omg, I have like ten parents ..." ;____;

Ren 54m4: (11:46:56 PM) Just think how awesome that will make birthdays & Christmas

AlysHeart: (11:47:02 PM) Oooh, true!

Ren 54m4: (11:47:44 PM) also, it's not like she's not allowed to hang out with boys at all.  there is Pwyll, & he's 19

OneRei: (11:47:45 PM) "Look, we can't ALL roast the turkey, okay?"

AlysHeart: (11:48:15 PM) Pwyll will teach her about the green fairy, though ^^;;

Ren 54m4: (11:48:22 PM) but if he even thinks the wrong thing, his sister will bend his brains all funny

OneRei: (11:48:25 PM) Pwyll's a doctor. What mother wouldn't let their daughter around a doctor.

AlysHeart: (11:48:47 PM) Ah, that's a good point, Ren

filigreeingrid: (11:49:03 PM) ... lol I'm sure Pwyll would like to play doctor with Phoebe

filigreeingrid: (11:49:10 PM) if Ronwy didn't interfere, anyhow

AlysHeart: (11:49:13 PM) XDDDDDD

OneRei: (11:49:32 PM) ...Ow, brain!

Ren 54m4: (11:49:36 PM) also, he is poisonous.  "Yep, all boys are just like that, Phoebe-chan."

filigreeingrid: (11:49:37 PM) "No, no, really, I just need to check for a heart murmur!"

Ren 54m4: (11:50:01 PM) no, i can't see this kid violating oaths he hasn't even gotten to take yet

Ren 54m4: (11:50:35 PM) more likely he'd blush dizzy if she batted her eyelashes at him

Ren 54m4: (11:51:03 PM) ultimately, we'd have to consult Pixie-chan

filigreeingrid: (11:51:13 PM) natch

filigreeingrid: (11:51:29 PM) but it's more fun to pretend otherwise XD

AlysHeart: (11:51:32 PM) I don't think he'd have to worry then ... Phoebe doesn't know terribly much about flirting yet

OneRei: (11:51:33 PM) WHich just reminds me of the Foxworthy bit. "Hoohoos are EXTREMELY POISONOUS!" "No, they're not, or the dog'd be dead!"

AlysHeart: (11:51:36 PM) Yes! XD

Ren 54m4: (11:51:54 PM) (fwiw, if Pwyll were to make any sort of advances on Phoebe, Veles would spank him)

OneRei: (11:52:14 PM) *snerk*

AlysHeart: (11:52:25 PM) XD

Ren 54m4: (11:52:37 PM) (which is really saying something, for a guy who detests violence)

AlysHeart: (11:54:19 PM) Hello! ^_^

tatterpixie: (11:54:33 PM) Hiya! ^___^

OneRei: (11:54:37 PM) Hi!

Ren 54m4: (11:54:49 PM) well, speaka tha debbil

filigreeingrid: (11:54:55 PM) Pixie <333

Ren 54m4: (11:55:50 PM) we were just discussing Pwyll's potential for putting the moves on Phoebe, were he not continuously internally chaperoned

filigreeingrid: (11:56:03 PM) playing doctor <3

Ren 54m4: (11:56:06 PM) i am on the "nay" side of the argument

filigreeingrid: (11:56:36 PM) I am on the "tee hee, be it most amusing, verily" side

Ren 54m4: (11:57:02 PM) (b/c we sooo want to believe Dr. Merry had virtuous spawn)

tatterpixie: (11:59:13 PM) Actually, the potential for Pwyll having any kind of active relationship is pretty slim, chaperone or no XD

OneRei: (11:59:40 PM) Poor Pwyll. He's eligible and a doctor. Once women figure this out, he will never have any peace.

Ren 54m4: (11:59:56 PM) awww

filigreeingrid: (11:59:59 PM) LOL

AlysHeart: (12:00:10 AM) XD

filigreeingrid: (12:00:10 AM) aside from the sister in his head, no prob

Ren 54m4: (12:00:29 AM) i never thought i'd say this, but at least he's got Dr. Bell around to molest him

filigreeingrid: (12:03:42 AM) Angie!

filigreeingrid: (12:03:46 AM) Are you feeling better?

OneRei: (12:03:48 AM) I don't think I see Phia as ever having a relationship. That, or she's a closet lesbian.

OneRei: (12:03:55 AM) ANGIE!

Ren 54m4: (12:03:59 AM) ahh, what happened to Angie?

Sappho13: (12:04:09 AM) Kinda.  I'm getting nothing at all done on those other fics.  Work is killing me.

Ren 54m4: (12:04:36 AM) ;_____;

OneRei: (12:04:44 AM) Better than no working killing you.

Sappho13: (12:04:59 AM) Honey, I've nearly committed homicide twice this week.

Ren 54m4: (12:05:15 AM) congratulations on your self-restraint, dear  <3

OneRei: (12:05:52 AM) ...I'd help you hide those bodies. Tim just got a job on a construction site!

Sappho13: (12:06:13 AM) Congratulate me if I make it to my vacation without murder.  XD  Anyway, hi, lovelies.

OneRei: (12:06:23 AM) Hi, hon!

AlysHeart: (12:06:32 AM) Hello! ^^

OneRei: (12:10:52 AM) Okay, I will leave this window open and saved, but I has to turn nao. It's past midnight. I'll be on tomorrow to answer any lingering questions. I'm only sorry I can't stick around for Pixie and Angie!

Sappho13: (12:11:20 AM) Sleep sweetly!

tatterpixie: (12:11:23 AM) No worries, have a good night!

AlysHeart: (12:11:25 AM) G'night Brenna!

Ren 54m4: (12:11:34 AM) see you tomorrow

filigreeingrid: (12:11:38 AM) sleep well!

OneRei: (12:11:39 AM) Thanks for coming, guys! See you soon!

OneRei: (12:11:44 AM) Night!

Sappho13: (12:11:44 AM) I work midnight shift tomorrow so... Yeah.  XD