MVSNA Meeting Notes – 2011-03-15

MVSNA officers: Rob Amos (President), Sam Shipley (1st Vice President), May Chan (2nd Vice President), Si Kailian (Corresponding Secretary), Ricky Williams (Treasurer), Jefferson Parke (Recording Secretary)


At Large board members: Lydia Goring, Marge Maceda, John Thompson, Stan Burgess, DeeDee Slewka

Attending: Rob, Sam, Mary, Si, Rickey, Jefferson, Marge, Stan, Lydia


Treasurer’s Report

Public Safety Report –PSA 308 Lt. Carroll

A: Please talk to me in person about resolving this.

A: There was a robbery at 6th and L in alley. Victim was stabbed in the leg. May be related.

A: That would be ADW stats and/or shot spotter stats. We don’t give out spot shotter stats but you can do a FOIA request. To us a shooting is actually when someone got shot. Crime stats are available online.

Walmart - ANC 6c01 Commissioner Keith Silver

DCRA Vacant Properties - Reuben Pemberton

450 K St. – Douglas Development – Paul Millstein

1205 NJ Ave. – Youth Offender Group home (“males”)