An open letter to the media.

In the wake of the Arizona shootings,  we have learned that a certain Kansas church group will be protesting the funerals.  Soon, there will be media stories of their praising the deaths as a sign of retribution from their angry god.   There will be media coverage of them praising the deaths as a sign from the almighty of his displeasure with America.  Members of their congregation will line up for the chance to be interviewed.  Video of their hate filled chants will be replayed until the collective bile of our public consciousness fills our mouths with its bitterness.

I’m writing to you, the public media of our great country, to ask for mercy from this.  I know that you will report on their actions, and film their protests.  You might even ask them for more interviews.  When you do, I beg of you one thing:

Don’t use their name.

Don’t name their church.  Don’t name their names.  Call them ‘That church from Kansas’, or ‘a congregation from Topeka’.  Call them anything, but don’t let them have credit for their actions.

Both the religious and the secular in this nation feel revulsion at the actions of this group.  Beyond their tiny number, they have no supporters.  They live for one purpose, to get their message on every news program, paper and blog.  Every public condemnation of their actions is a victory to them.

If you share my distaste for this group, then report on them as an anonymous group.   They are not news, they are a side show seeking attention.  They don’t represent any view other than their own distorted vision of the world.  When they stop seeing their names and faces in the news, they will become discouraged.  And they will fade into the oblivion of history.

In the name of decency,

Bart Mitchell