1. Genesis Gradebook

  1. Weekly Summary of Assignments Screen and Marking Period Averages

Click on the highlighted course name to see all the Assignments for that course.

A list of Courses with Assignments by Day of the Current Week

This screen lists all courses your child is currently taking.  

Marking Period Averages for the Courses

The “Avg” column shows you your student’s current Marking Period average – for the current or a previous Marking Period.   A ‘projected’ alpha grade may also appear if your school uses alpha grades.

Viewing all Assignments for One Course

To see all of the Assignments for one course, click on the highlighted course name.  That will take you to the “One Course/All Assignments” screen.

Viewing all Assignments for a Selected Day

To see all of the Assignments for one day (for example, Tuesday), click on the highlighted day name.  That will take you to the “One Day/All Assignments” screen.

To see your child’s average in a previous Marking Period, use the drop down to select the one for which you want to see their average.

To see one day’s Assignment’s click on the highlighted day

To select a different week, click here.

Figure 2 – GradebookWeekly Summary Screen

Gradebook Weekly Summary

This shows you a snap shot of all Assignments that are due for the selected week.  You may do the following:

Choosing the Marking Period Average to Display

The “Avg” column always starts by displaying your student’s up-to-date Marking Period average for the current (i.e. ongoing) Marking Period.  You can check on their average for a previous Marking Period by using the drop down in the “Avg” column header:

Select the Marking Period and the averages in the column will be updated to show you the averages for that Marking Period.  If you tab away from this screen and then return, the averages for the current MP will once again be displayed.

List of Assignments Screen

List of Assignments

This screen will allow you to look at your child’s Assignments in multiple ways.

The controls at the top of the screen let you select by the following criteria: