Computer Fundamentals A

Course Description

In this introductory course, students will become familiar with the basic principles of a personal computer, including the internal hardware, the operating system, and software applications.  Students will gain practice in using key applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as understand social and ethical issues around the Internet, information and security.

This is the first of a  two-semester course package.  In the first semester, the focus is on the fundamentals, learning and using the applications, and understanding the basic roles and responsibilities of the software, hardware an operating system.  In the second semester, the focus is on gathering and analyzing data, and using the right tools and methods to collect and present data.


REQUIRED MATERIAL: Microsoft Windows XP with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Works, Word Perfect, or Open Office (shareware) although the screen shots are done in Microsoft Office 2003.


Course Outline

Semester A

Unit 1: Inside the PC

Unit 2: Types of Data and how Data is Used

Unit 3: Authoring Documents Using Microsoft Word

Unit 4: Authoring Spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel

Unit 5: Authoring Presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint