Welcome to the South Valley Spring Handicap League. This is a PDGA sanctioned league put on by the Eugene Disc Golf Club.

For new and amateur players: it is a great opportunity to meet other disc golfers, improve your game, and learn about competitive (but still friendly) play.

For pros: it's a chance to log some PDGA rated rounds while tutoring less experienced players.

Players of any and all skill levels are encouraged to participate, even those who have never played before. Handicap leagues award improvement, so you are only competing against yourself.

Weekly Cost:

$5 entry fee

$1 ace pot (optional)

You only pay for weeks that you attend.


$4 per entry goes to pay-outs

45% of the field paid-out every week based on handicap score

$0.50 of every entry fee goes to top scratch score

CTP prizes (pending sponsors)

Payouts from the previous week will happen at the START of league every Thursday.


Style of play will be singles. PDGA rules will be followed with the exception that players over the age of 21 may consume alcohol if the park allows it. Groups will be mixed divisions some of the time, unassigned (player choice) some of the time, and selected by division and/or handicap some of the time. This is to accommodate our goal of: helping new golfers learn and get better, logging competitive PDGA rated rounds, and having fun. The method of group selection will not be announced beforehand.


Starts Thursday May 10th and runs for 8 weeks. The first meeting will be at 5:30pm.


The default course will be Dexter State Park, but we will rotate to other courses in the area. We’ll have a better idea of when and where once the league starts.


If you can't attend on Thursday, we will have a make up session on the following Sunday at 9am each week at Dexter (before Dexter Doubles). The make-up session will be at Dexter regardless of where the Thursday league took place. You will still be eligible for league payouts, but only the Thursday league meeting will be sanctioned by the PDGA. Only rounds played at the Thursday meeting will be eligible for PDGA rating.

Results will appear in two places each week...

Establishing Your Handicap:

2 rounds are required to establish your handicap. You can establish your handicap before league starts by picking up a scorecard and logging some rounds at any of the following locations and times:

If you do not have 2 rounds logged prior to the start of league, your first two weeks will be devoted to establishing your handicap. You will not be eligible for pay-outs during these two weeks, but you are still eligible for the ace pot. Your entry fee will be rolled into the league finale.

Calculating Handicap:

The statistical model used to generate averages will be a Generalized Linear Model. This is a linear regression model that allows for non-normal distribution. Our distribution will be non-normal because we will be using data from a variety of courses which vary in difficulty. This model will allow us to differentiate player performance and course difficulty for any course that we have sufficient data collected. A certain number of strokes will be added to or subtracted from everyone’s handicap depending on the course being played. The averages reported on the league spreadsheet will be “predicted means” generated by the statistical model. This method has been tested extensively and has proven to be a very accurate way to compare data across many courses and players.


Any score greater than 2.5 standard deviations from a player's average will be omitted from the analysis used to generate handicaps. This means uncommonly bad rounds will not inflate your handicap, making it easy to win the following week. Likewise, a break-out round in which you shoot far below your average will not drop your handicap so low that you can no longer beat it.

Scores reported to the PDGA will be raw scratch score and will not be the product of any statistical analysis.

The handicaps that are established in one session will be rolled over into the next session.

League Finale

You must play in at least 4 weeks of league to be eligible for the finale.

More prizes, more fun, more to come....

Signing up:

There is no sign-up fee. You can sign up at any of the events listed above, or via web form here:


Thanks! See you out there!