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What is a Coffee-Table App?

The Coffee-Table apps promote the pubs, golf, music, festivals, restaurants, shopping, castles, beaches, bed-and-breakfasts ... any aspect of the local business for a region.

  1. Our apps source the richness of images and videos from millions of volunteers on the web.
  2. Google ranks the best for presentation in our apps.
  3. Each app becomes a social network of relevant special interests by region and topic.


Sample cover for one UK app, left

Menu of apps for the UK apps network over the slots-game card, center

Table of contents for the golf tour CA app over the concentration-game card, right

About the Regional Apps

All apps also target intra-regional travel.

Users download, learn, and discover the wealth of destinations for their next vacation break. Like a coffee-table book or magazine, each app is 500 to 3,000 pages of an interactive, photo essay that supplies persistent, light edutainment - that has been extremely popular among mobile users.

Features of Custom Slideshows

The custom slideshow is a unique format for advertising that engages users. Rather than asking users to click through, we bring your message directly to mobile users using the multi-page slideshow.

Coffee-Table App is a unique, welcomed experience for the next generation of advertising.

Creating Your Multi-page Slideshow

You can create a slideshow of photos with your destination name that is inserted/listed by region within an app. For example, in the golf app above:

Like coffee-table books, users flick to read a mix of regional and paid slideshows, thus creating the first and only product that combines the magazine flipping experience for advertisers with the interactive accountability of online adverts --- but on a phone. 

A slideshow is an album of photos that has been uploaded to any public site such as Flickr or Picasa.

Flickr set of images for the California apps

Microsoft Windows on your PC calls this album a folder. Flickr calls an album a set. Each album is simply a collection of photos.

FAQ on photo preparation:

Follow this link to Flickr to create your personal albums.

Captions, Text overlays, and Links

Each photo can have text overlays, captions, and links.

Stay at the Marriott, Ventura Beach



where the curly brackets are required and is replaced by the url for the destination page for redirecting users. Please note that a description box is different from the comments box for a photo.

Submitting Your Insertion / Schedules

When your album is ready, send email to with the following information:

Deadline for submission is one week prior to the end of a month. eg for the November issue, the deadline is October 24. App updates are released on the first day of each month.

Making Changes/Adding a Special

After submission, you can change the photos in your slideshow at your leisure. Use your Flickr account to add and remove photos as needed.

You do not need to inform TEARN about each change. However, TEARN staff will monitor images for violations of terms of use.

Measuring Returns

TEARN depends on your website software to monitor results.

Latest Rate Card

Our rates are based on cost per thousand downloads (CPMd). Similar to magazine circulation, a download is similar to a magazine subscriber. TEARN adjusts our rates to outperform comparable CPM rates at Yahoo and CPC rates at Google.

Our current CPMd (cost per thousand downloads) is less than $3 per month. We update our download count below on a monthly basis. Thus, the current monthly rate below will increase every month.

Downloads and Ad Rates

California Apps

Caribbean Apps

United Kingdom Apps

Feb 2011




Mar 2011




Apr 2011




Current Monthly Rate




Start-up Special - Monthly Rate




* insertions in additional apps receive a 50% volume discount per insertion - each insertion can have its own custom slideshow or point to the same show.

The downloads are growing at exponential rates. The total network, which includes educational apps that don’t carry advertising, is already 1,500,000 downloads; and growing at the rate of 250,000 more downloads per month. The current rate has been 5,000 to 7,000 new downloads per day.

Specials to Save

The start-up special is a one-time rate for first-time advertisers. Advertisers who lock in longer term contracts with this rate have the advantage of lower CPMd by paying the special rates while reaching the mobile users who download in the coming months, in essence, for free. For example, if an advertiser prepays for 6 months at $100, and the rates increase to $300 a month by April, early advertisers save $1,200 on a six-month contract.

This savings apply to renewal rates as well - the more you commit in advance, the more you save.

If you have more questions, want to lock in your rate, or need help preparing your slideshow --- please contact your local representatives.