All meetings are in 4101 GHC from 3:00–4:20PM unless otherwise noted.  Note that a blank slot does not mean that class is cancelled—there may be an instructor lecture that day.

Open now for scheduling DAP orals, speaking skills talks, 5-minute-talks, and 30-minute talks. Reminder: at most one DAP per (calendar) week.

See for details on what can fit in each slot.


Tu 1/15

Instructor’s intro

Th 1/17

5-minute talks: Carl Doerch, Antonio Juarez

Tu 1/22

no class—MLK day

Th 1/24

no class—instructor travel

Tu 1/29

5-minute: Kirstin Early, Willie Neiswanger, Yifei Ma

Th 1/31

5-minute: Nicole Rafidi, Benjamin Cowley, Micol Marchetti-Bowick, Junier Oliva


Tu 2/5

5-minute: Gus Xia, Dai Wei, Aaditya Ramdas

Th 2/7

no class

Tu 2/12

instructor’s lecture

Th 2/14

no class

Tu 2/19

no class

Th 2/21

Micol Marchetti-Bowick 30-min

Tu 2/26

Gus Xia 30-min; Junier Oliva 30-min

Th 2/28

Carl Doersch speaking skills


Tu 3/5

no class -- open house

Th 3/7

instructor’s lecture

Tu 3/12

no class—spring break

Th 3/14

no class—spring break

Tu 3/19

Kirstin Early 30-minute; Nicole Rafidi 30-minute

Th 3/21

Antonio Juarez DAP

Tu 3/26

no class

Th 3/28

Ben Cowley 30-min; Dai Wei 30-min


Tu 4/2

no class

Th 4/4

Chunlei Liu DAP

Tu 4/9

Willie Neiswanger 30-min

Th 4/11

Gus Xia DAP

Tu 4/16

Carl Doersch DAP

Th 4/18

no class—Carnival

Tu 4/23

Gus Xia speaking skills; Yifei Ma speaking skills

Th 4/25

Aaditya Ramdas DAP

Tu 4/30

no class—instructor travel


Th 5/2

no class—instructor travel

Last day of classes: May 3

For speaking skills: need at least 2 student members of the speaking committee present, plus two faculty (usually your advisor and the instructor).  Please check this constraint.

Alona out: March 28; TK out: Jan 31, possibly some early Feb; Shing-hon out: unknown.