Resume for Johan Böhlin

Fast facts: As a person Johan is structured, creative and ambitious. He is passionate about embedded systems, software and web development. Johan like to excerise climbing and dance on his spare time, as well as develop his home automation to make it even better.

Professional career


Technical competence

Private projects

rt-labs AB (2011-)

Consultant, developer

Developing of the company’s own RTOS. C, python, ARM.

Cybercom West AB (2008-2011)


- Ericsson AB, 3 years. Test bench and feature development, build tools for 3G base station. WCDMA, C++, Clearcase, PHP.

- Hatteland Display A/S, 2 months. PC-application for benchmark-tests of USB to CAN-hardware. C#.

Volvo Technology (2007-2008)

Master’s thesis

Developing an API for simple integration of nomadic devices in automotives.

C++, Bluetooth, UDP, audio streaming.

Volvo Technology (2007)

Programmer, summer job

Developing of technical platform/API for easy developing of basic navigation system functionality. C++.

Academic Work, Barium AB (2006)

System developer, summer job

Development of web based Buissness Process Management System. C#, ASP.NET.

OnOff AB (2004, 2005)

Salesperson, summer job

Master of Science in Computer Science Engineering,

Chalmers university of technology, Göteborg (2003-2008)

Focus on Embedded Systems and secure computer systems. Courses in programming, embedded systems, computer security.

High school graduate from the technology program, targeting embedded systems.(2000-2003)

S:t Mikaelsskolan, Mora.


SCRUM in practice (2010)

Android under the hood / Android Architecture (2010)

Model driven development, IT-university Göteborg (2008)

WCDMA/3GPP introduction course (2008)


Swedish – native language.

English – fluently in speech and writing.


Swedish driving licence.

Programming languages

C, C++, C#, C18, PHP, HTML, Perl, VB, VBA, Java, Haskell, VHDL, Python, MySql


TCP/IP, USB, CAN, 802.15.4/Zigbee, 802.11, RS232, Bluetooth

Operative systems/Platforms

ARM, PIC, PC, Android, Linux, Windows, OSE

Development tools / Environment

Visual Studio, MPLAB, Eclipse, Code Composer Studio, Mysql Workbench, Rational RoseRT, Eclipse GMF

Configuration managers

Clearcase, Subversion, git

Home automation CAN (2006)

Projects to control lighting, blinds, reading temperatures with nodes on the CAN bus.Controlled from PC, mobile, web. PIC-platform, USB, CAN, Ethernet, PHP, C#, PCB-kaddning/montering.

Home automation 802.25.4 (2009)

Modernization in which the CAN bus has been replaced by wireless 802.15.4 radio with nodes running a TCP / IP stack. Interfaced from Android tablet PC. 802.15.4, Android, uIP.

Ember Cortex M3 (2010)

The next version of the home-automation, where the 8-bit PIC platform has been replaced by a 32-bit Cortex-M3.

Android (2010)

NextDeparture - Widget for displaying the departure time for busses and trams in Göteborg.

Home Automation - tablet-PC application for controlling and reading nodes, Spotify, display the current weather, etc.


Generic platforms for USB, Ethernet, CAN, 802.15.4. Different Web-projects like bank book, calendar, Home automation.

For all projects see

Johan Böhlin, Kolonigatan 9D, 413 21 Göteborg, Sweden, +46702319191,,