The Lyrics to Fat Song -

Written by Carlotta & Sebastienne.

Carlotta:                 Oh hi, Sebastienne! Wow, you look... great. Did you loose weight?

Sebastienne:         Uh, thanks. But no, I didn't lose weight.

Carlotta:                 Really? You should think about it, I mean, no offence, of course *I* think you look great..

Sebastienne:         What are you trying to say?

#Music starts - “Take Me or Leave Me”, from the musical RENT#


Carlotta:                         Every single day,

You walk down the street

People think that you are lazy and weak

You could be so pretty

If you were skinny like me

Perhaps you don't know how unhealthy it is?

Now be smart, and look after your heart

Don't get adult onset diabetes

Why not go for a run?

It's always worked for me

Calorie-counting's fun

You'll feel better

Believe me

You'll feel better, believe me

Sebastienne:         I'm happy in my skin

Why do you have a problem with this?

My waist is not my validation

Does looking down on me

Make you feel healthy?

Does pity give you inspiration?

Realise, when you're judging my thighs

Thin doesn't have to mean healthy!

I eat when I am hungry

I listen to my body

Fat is not the enemy

It's fear that stops you

From living


Carlotta:                         Are you... really happy like that?

Don't you... wish your stomach could be flat?

Sebastienne:         No! How about you treat me like I'm human?

Your view is not the only true one!

Who.... says what's worthy?

Sebastienne:                We are just different shapes

People are made in so many ways

Maybe I eat lots of cake, or maybe

It's in my genes


Carlotta:                         You can't be

Healthy like that

You'll give yourself a heart attack

They call it morbid for a reason

Sebastienne:         Don't you see, I'm healthy for me

I'm everything I want to be

I ride bikes, I climb trees

This shape is normal for me

Carlotta:                         All right, I'll give you that

Some people are healthy.. but still fat

Sebastienne:         No! Look - maybe I ate myself this way

Or maybe I run five miles a day!

Even if this did make me unhealthy

Who says that you’d getless of me?

Sebastienne:         Take me for what I am

Carlotta:                        Who you were meant to be

Both:                        And if we judged each other less

Maybe that would be healthy

Maybe that would be healthy

Carlotta:                        Sebastienne, I’m sorry

Sebastienne:                I’m not!