February 23, 2012

CAC Meeting Notes

Taken by CAC member Steffanie Musich, Friends of Lake Nokomis

It was suggested by an attendee that the reach of the survey needs to be greater than just the core group of citizens that attended this meeting. Possible outlets:

The Hale neighborhood has an seat on the committee that needs to be filled. If you are interested in being appointed to fill this position, please contact Don Siggelkow via email: don@mnpartnerships.com or 612-760-4459.

It was suggested by an attendee that we take into consideration the mixed use of the park for people that will be coming to the park specifically to eat, and others that are using the park and then want to eat--perhaps a walk up window for beach goers light fare or something like that? Perhaps include this need in the Request for Proposal (RFP)?

It was also suggested by an attendee that we incorporate the park board’s sustainability plan into the RFPs.

In the past investments by the MPRB in the concessions buildings have been only for permanent improvements that help bring the buildings up to current city code.

Many questions were asked about fermented beverages. The ordinance doesn’t allow for them currently and they can not be part of a concessionaire’s proposal, but if they opt to try and serve them at some point the process has been that they must first get permission from the neighborhood associations, then the city, then they request that the park board change the ordnance to allow them to be served.

Don mentioned that quite a few of the vendors that did not get the Harriet concession, but submitted proposals, asked if they could submit a proposal for the Nokomis site. So there is interest from vendors in this site.

Hours of operation are typically April-October.

Revenue share that the park receives goes into the enterprise fund. The community would like to see some of the revenue earned by this concession to be put back into the park infrastructure. The poor condition of some of the biking/walking paths and the exercise stations were mentioned. “We our lake up every weekend for events that make the park board money, why isn’t money from these events being put back into the park amenities?”

Two avid bicyclists in the park brought up the issue of pedestrian safety near the concession, as that area is already congested and has pedestrians crossing the bicycle paths without checking for bike traffic.