Rise of the Moon Knights


Matt Butler

After the defeat of Darkest and Vitrimaw, Walker retreats to Dawn Keep, where he spends the next year reflecting on his time as a Moonwalker, saying farewell to those who depart and finishing his book The Three Spheres.

Walker’s life as a Moonwalker has been a success beyond his wildest dreams.  He had intended to spend the majority of his days as a knight errant, but now he feels that he has accomplished what he can by fighting and so decides on another course much sooner than he had expected.

Walker purchases a small building in Kolo near Tubo’s.  He starts a school called the Academy of the Moon, using The Three Spheres as the primary instruction manual.  There are no dormitories or living quarters at the school and students only train there for a short number of years.  Upon graduation they are awarded the title of Moon Knight and depart on their own quests of knight errantry.

Walker himself divides his time between the Academy of the Moon in Kolo, Dawn Keep, Kellian and if at all possible he maintains some access to the Vitrimaw’s base on Ola’an’s Moon.

Walker attempts to stay out of politics or any groups outside of the Academy, but he aids followers of Fharlanghn, the Red God and the Order of the Green whenever or wherever he encounters them.