Face2Face, a small social-networking software startup company, employs five grad-student developers (Suzy Chu, Jared Fleck, Fuji Montrose, Mia Postino and Gillian Roberts) with their professor, Dr. Vincenzo Ferrari, as team leader. Face2Face has twenty-five beta testers, five assigned to each developer. The company's public mission: to make proxies (artificially intelligent stand-ins) for social-networking users who are too busy to make frequent status updates. The company's private mission (Project Solomon): to create and instate an artificially intelligent US president by 2020.

Cast of Characters:

Suzy Chu, Face2Face developer

Dr. Vincenzo Ferrari, Face2Face team leader

Ottolina Ferrari, his wife

Jared Fleck, Face2Face developer

Fuji Montrose, Face2Face developer

Mia Postino, Face2Face developer

Gillian Roberts, Face2Face developer

Charles Rowntree III, wealthy private backer of Project Solomon

Benjamin Screed, Face2Face beta tester #13, writer

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