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How to Work Offline in Amara
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Please follow these directions carefully if you’d like to work offline on a translation. We’re going to be improving this workflow significantly, but for now we wanted to get the feature in your hands as soon as we possibly could.

Step 1) 

Find a task for a video you’d like to translate (in your language), click on the video title and then go down to the “View Subtitles” section in the lower left and click “English”.

Step 2) 

Download the SRT for the english subtitles.

Note: in the upcoming release, we’ll add an easy to find link to download in the task menu (shown in step 3)

Step 3) 

Go back to the task view for the video, and locate the translation task (in your language). Hover over “Perform Task” and click “Upload Draft”. Doing this will check the task out to you, ensuring that no one else begins working on it while you’re working offline.

Step 4)

IMPORTANT Double check that the “Translate from” language is English — otherwise you may have some trouble.

Step 5) 

Work on the english SRT and translate into your language. IMPORTANT Do not change any of the timing or number of lines or Amara will reject your translated draft.

Step 6)

Once you’ve finished your translation, upload again using the instructions from Step 3 & 4.

Step 7)

When you’re ready to pass the translation on for review, you must open the translation editor by hovering over the task and clicking “Resume”.

Step 8) 

You can review the subtitles in the translation editor and also move through the steps to translate the title & description. When you’re finished, click “Done, Submit Final Translation” and it’ll create a review task.