Human Scavenger Hunt


Interview the people in the room (including adults). For every description, write the person’s name in the square. You may only use each person once. The person with the most squares filled at the end of 3 minutes will win a prize.

Flosses daily

A person born in another state

A person born in another city

A person who goes to the same school as you.

A person with the same hair and eye color (must have both)

A person who has the word SHOE in their name.

A person wearing green.

A person in the 8th grade.

Has a car.

Has a bank account.

Is an only child.

Has traveled or lived outside the USA.

Hates country music

Speaks another language

Has 5 or more siblings

Likes to sing

Has been on a cruise

Has been to Montgomer

Does not like chicken